Perfection in the Imperfect

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    I realize this is hardly the best shot of the Summer Nightastic fireworks show, but it's special to me for the memory of that particular evening, and for that reason, it is somewhat "perfect" despite its glaring imperfections.

    Sarah and I had ADRs for California Grill that evening, and were getting sick of the crowds and heat, so we began making our way from Tomorrowland to the park exit almost an hour early to see if we could be seated early. As we left Space Mountain, it began to pour. By the time we got to the monorail, we were both drenched.

    The rain subsided during dinner, but it was still lightly sprinkling afterward. We took our time, as our waiter informed us that the fireworks had been delayed. We intended upon watching the show from the observation deck, so we waited. At the time, it looked like it might clear up, but I'm no meteorologist, so that was pure speculation. At around 10:15 p.m., I said to Sarah that we needed to make the call: if we waited too much longer, we wouldn't be able to get back into the MK, and would miss any after-hours shooting; however, we might also miss the fireworks during the trip back to the MK. We decided that it was likely that the fireworks would be canceled since they had been delayed so much, so we cut our loses and headed to the MK.

    When we arrived, we fought the herd of people exiting (there was only ONE entrance turnstile actually took a while to find), and made our way towards Space Mountain. At this point, no one was even waiting for the fireworks. Their cancellation was a foregone conclusion.

    After riding Space twice, it was 11:05 p.m., and thus the park was closed. As we began setting up for our first shot in Tomorrowland, we heard the announcement, "In just 10 minutes, the Magic Kingdom will present the Summer Nightastic Fireworks..." I looked, wondering if the announcement was mistakenly played. Rather than ponder the question too long, we briskly moved towards Main Street.

    There couldn't have been more than 200-300 people still in the park, which mind you, had been closed for 15 minutes, at the point when the fireworks began (I realize this story is already long, so I won't elaborate on how I think this is a huge testament to Disney's incredible guest service; how much did that show cost...and for only that many guests to see it?!). Not wanting to miss an opportunity to shoot the show on an uncrowded Main Street, I set up my camera, improvising a Rain Sleeve from my poncho. Sarah said it was a terrible idea to risk my camera for a few fireworks shots, and it probably was, but after much frustration the previous nights in shooting amongst crowds, I wasn't missing the chance. Thanks to rain getting all over my lens, it doesn't hold a candle to most of my other fireworks shots from the trip, but thanks to the circumstances, I will always remember getting this shot. I can't say that for most of my other fireworks shots.

    Our Honeymoon Walt Disney World Trip Report is now posted. Please go check it out by clicking here!

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    1. Disney Digitally 56 months ago | reply

      HOLY S_ _ _! What an amazing photo! And you're right about Disney's attention to it's guests. The fireworks show costs over $30,000. For just a few hundred people...that's customer service.

    2. {kidnurse} [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      Great fireworks shot and great story!!!!

    3. Peter E. Lee 56 months ago | reply

      Great story and wonderful fireworks shot! The riot of colors is just amazing.

    4. Cory Disbrow 56 months ago | reply

      When you told me this story while we were down there, I knew the shots wouldn't disappoint. I was right. This is awesome. VERY well done.

    5. Eugene1959 56 months ago | reply

      This shot looks perfect to me.

    6. Snowfairy 56 months ago | reply

      Wow, amazing

    7. Ashlyn_Rose 56 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous shot!!!! I'll never get sick of the fireworks.

    8. Ashlyn_Rose 56 months ago | reply

      Yeah, you're right. They have to shoot the summer nightastic fireworks off at some point every night =)

    9. Jeff_B. 56 months ago | reply

      Amazing colours and capture!

    10. K. Lewis 56 months ago | reply

      Great story, with a happy ending. Fantastic shot!

    11. Scott Smith (SRisonS) 56 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot!!! And such a great story.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    12. DigitalSLG 56 months ago | reply

      Wow Tom...what a story. That must have been so awesome to experience. Great shot!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    13. Jeremy Bischoff 56 months ago | reply

      great story! a similar thing happened on my recent trip, but the rain was absolutely drenching during the parade. I figured since I was soaked anyway I might as well sit around and wait to see if the fireworks would be cancelled or not. Luckily, I didn't have to wait quite as long as you did but the crowds were significantly smaller by the time they began and I was able to get a spot right in front of the castle without trouble.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    14. DugJax 56 months ago | reply

      This is an exceptional fireworks shot! Never have I seen fireworks look like neon lights! Awesome!

    15. atsolo 56 months ago | reply

      I think that the wet ground reflecting the light and the umbrellas really add a lot to the composition. It implies something of the story behind the shot. The "imperfections" from water on the lens are part of the story of the photo.

    16. Scott Barlow 56 months ago | reply

      Fantastic story! The pic needs straightening ;) Faved!

    17. Todd Hurley Photography 56 months ago | reply

      Good lord that's an awesome story. Love, love, love the reflective wet pavement too.

    18. Daniel Gorman Photography 56 months ago | reply

      I work at Disney and am a photographer there I would just like to say thank you for visiting my park and Im glad you had a magical moment!

    19. evelyng23 56 months ago | reply

      amazing fireworks photo!!!

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