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Reasons I Love Walt Disney World:  #2,350 | by Tom.Bricker
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Reasons I Love Walt Disney World: #2,350

Some of my posts here have been negative in tone as of late, and although there are a lot of things that piss me off, there are a lot more that really make me happy. So rather than get a reputation for complaining about everything, I'm going to provide another example (one of over 2,000!) of why I love Walt Disney World.


Actually, two reasons. That feeling you get when you step off the DME bus (or your rental car if you're too cool for DME) and take that first "breath" of air at your resort, and stepping onto "your land" as a DVC owner. I think the former is pretty obvious--you see the front entrance, your mind races with how great the vacation will be, and you enter a lavish lobby filled with excitement.


The second of today's reasons is not so obvious, but it really is great, I swear. Disney's "best kept" secret has become somewhat of a joke, and I realize it is not a well-performing financial asset, but it is a very great happiness-performing asset (and honestly, for us, it is a great financial asset. If we didn't spend the money on DVC, I wouldn't invest it prudently, I would buy worthless shit on eBay; yes, I have an eBay problem). Getting crap in the mail from DVC (which they do send fairly regularly) puts a smile on both of our faces, as does receiving similar emails. Then there's the knowledge that we'll be staying in the best resorts (Sarah and I are very frugal, so this is a place where we would normally balk at the price and stay at a cheaper resort, but when we arrive at a nicer resort, we always agree that "it's worth it"; you'd think we could account for this and compensate, but we never seem able unless "forced" by DVC or a really really good deal) for a long time, which really makes us happy. I don't want to ramble on like an unstoppable advertisement for a timeshare, but there is just something about it that I can't articulate. Maybe that's how they hook so many people?


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Taken on August 12, 2009