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Skippy and S.I.R.

I was a bit dismayed to hear more announcements than normal that flat-out ‘banned’ photography from attractions. I know visiting Stitch's Great Escape was probably ill-advised, but I wanted to see the pre-show, which is still home to one of my favorite Disney characters, Skippy. While I was snapping pictures of Skippy, I got a tap on my shoulder, and was told that photography was not permitted.


I didn’t hear this in the announcement, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t stated. I was probably attempting to tone-out as much of the show as I could, for fear of it affecting my mental well-being. I have no idea why photography would be banned in that attraction, but my best guess is that they don’t want the outside world seeing how bad the attraction is until it’s too late. Photography doesn’t convey the suck-tacularness all too well, so I don’t see how this would be an issue.


There were a few other attractions that made the announcement (and unfortunately, the typically hit or miss cast members on Carousel of Progress made the announcement each time). I hope this is not indicative of any general trends.


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Taken on August 14, 2009