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Movies...ya I was inspired :)

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  1. prairieskygal 75 months ago | reply

    They're alphabetised aren't they? I knew it.

  2. heathre 75 months ago | reply

    duh, i totally missed that!! ok, i change my comment to - i love that you own Ever After.

  3. Shayna Pitch 75 months ago | reply

    gotta love Ferris Bueller!

  4. =Tom= 75 months ago | reply

    heathre talulayu Hehe ya they are in alphabetical order :)

  5. snapgirl tc 75 months ago | reply

    mmm, nice.....fight club :)

  6. ruby's mama! 75 months ago | reply

    ...alphabetical... tasty, er.. dammit! stop flickring whilst drinking! although i also alphabetize spices when bored... soups too..

  7. Just=Kelly 75 months ago | reply

    like the comp and dof here. I'm sure you're crushed that I'll want you to leave Ever After behind. :p

  8. ❀giz72❀{Cuckoomoon} 75 months ago | reply

    Nice composition and focus point... ;-)

  9. §• Tradewinds •§ 75 months ago | reply

    I'm with you on Ferris.....a classic

  10. cakeybabes 74 months ago | reply

    the dof is pretty sweet here. i like to organize things by colour, but it would make finding a movie harder i guess. heh.

  11. Mogsterr 74 months ago | reply

    i spot Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind :)
    one of my favorite movies ever.

  12. *angelamarie* 74 months ago | reply

    Where's 'The Sound of Music'?

    come on!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  13. b*wag 74 months ago | reply

    LOL! Love the notes about Fight Club... sure Ever After is your wife's. You're probably watching in now... aren't you ; )

  14. cakeybabes 74 months ago | reply

    aaaah me too! i almost didn't want to watch it a second time because i was afraid it wouldn't be as perfect as i remembered :P

  15. pokezepenguin 40 months ago | reply

    Thank you for letting me use your image as a background for one of my Reasons. I truly do appreciate it! :)

  16. cjesisica 9 days ago | reply

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