Day 361: Just the Facts Ma'am.

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    Just the facts:

    1. I did this project because I hate being in front of the camera and I still do but at least now I can allow someone else to take my picture.

    2. I do things like dress up, make funny faces, act out et al. because of my uncomfortableness and also to hide my true feelings.

    3. This year has been one of the hardest in my life and not because I had to take a picture every day.

    4. I feel like a failure at so many things in my life.

    5. I have let very few of you into my life on more than a completely superficial level.

    6. It is easier to pretend every thing is ok.

    7. Ive made friends this year on flickr that transcends the distance between us.

    8. This is not a cry for help thank you very much.

    9. I just felt that maybe after 361 of these it was time that maybe I give you just the facts.

    10. Someone once told me that just because you arent smiling doesnt mean you aren't happy.

    11. I love life and generally Im happy.

    12. I love playing the part of a photographer in my spare time.

    13. Even though Im not smiling here it doesnt mean Im sad.

    14. I have a hard time expressing my thoughts and feelings to people I truly care about. If I could change one thing about myself that would be it.

    15. I would wake up screaming if I actually looked like this.

    16. Otherwise Im pretty much perfect.

    17. Im only half kidding about 16.

    18. I like doing things that arent expected, make people uncomfortable, make people laugh or a combination of all 3.

    19. Im quite the exhibitionist.

    20. I know you want me and Im ok with that.

    21. I should have been a detective on a 70's show.

    22. I come off as an arrogant prick but really I am just a nice guy that is afraid to let strangers know that.

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    1. Jhascrapmom 77 months ago

      nice 'stache...i so love the porn cop vibe:) - just makes me smile...

      i read your list and it resonates with me. 365 is a weird and wonderful project. i have so enjoyed yours:)))

    2. myacrylicsmile [deleted] 77 months ago

      love this
      and love your message

      photo made me smile =]

    3. kimrose... 77 months ago

      lol, I love this!!

      and great facts!! I swear we do share a very similar personality! especially #16!

      oh, and #20... good to know!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    4. hudgins 77 months ago

      Cool shot!

    5. §• Tradewinds •§ 77 months ago

      your expression is priceless, you really nailed editing too

    6. *Kristene 77 months ago

      what a babe! lol

    7. shells_pics 77 months ago

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Photo's from a kind stranger..., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    8. Snap_Shutter 76 months ago

      this is so exciting.. and the lighting is great :]

    9. Schlüsselbein2007 76 months ago

      i cant stand it, i know you planned it.


    10. Alex //Berlin _ Alexander Stübner 75 months ago

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Reflect your World (Invite Only /Post1-Award3 or Invite1), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    11. VKMUSTBEDESTROYED 74 months ago

      This is awesome. Your whole stream rocks man. Nice work.

    12. 5JǿǾǿГ [deleted] 74 months ago

      1st thing I thought was "Sabotage!"

    13. §• Loose Halyard •§ 73 months ago

      moved my account...just readding my favorites

    14. alibubba 70 months ago

      Oh my god, I found this through Wednesday Contact Showcase and I am SO GLAD. LOVES IT!

    15. Silent Resilience 70 months ago

      This is so awesome. Love the description, thanks for sharing! :)

    16. paperingasmile 70 months ago

      I'm with tony - "Sabotage" actually escaped my lips.
      Tony had you in his wednesday contact showcase, and yeah, this is awesome awesome. Though somehow I think you're more the 1970s police informant :)
      Really like the processing...and also awesome share, even if it was months didn't delete it...Pretty brave.

    17. christie yunhwa 70 months ago

      number 20

      oh yeah.

    18. Carly Wong 70 months ago

      cool facts! and a funny picture! i came via tony's link and glad i did :)

    19. caverjules :o) 69 months ago

      omg, you look like my old boss. bad flashbacks. great shot, and love your list. p.s. #1 is the main reason I failed at my 365 attempt. Plan to start with babysteps this time and do a 52 weeks first. thanks for the inspiration.

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