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  1. ArtyFx .needs to take more photos. 44 months ago | reply

    And no traffic ! ! .Love the leading lines here .
    A superb shot indeed.

  2. dw.mcewan 40 months ago | reply

    Beautiful Photo

  3. Midori No Kitsune 39 months ago | reply

    great depth!
    I like the symmetry. The left and right side stand in contrast to each other while the road is creating a border. It's e.g. like seeing some kind of wasteland on the one side and productive land on the other or summer drought and spring time.
    anyway, pretty cool.

  4. Kiwi Tom 39 months ago | reply

    Cheers Midori! I was originally going to call it 'The grass is always greener on the other side' ;)
    it's amazing how abruptly the land changes from prime pastural farmland to these huge mountains!

  5. Midori No Kitsune 39 months ago | reply

    Tom Hall
    The title would definitely hit the nail on the head :)
    Yes, that's really amazing. I have never seen something like this before.
    I see photoshop in your exif-date - that's suspicious ;)

  6. dinu678 38 months ago | reply

    This is awesome :)

  7. matther7771 35 months ago | reply

    It's four seasons in one photo!

  8. gamerskier 34 months ago | reply

    Amazing photography. Extremely understated.

  9. SouthernHippie 32 months ago | reply

    I want to be on this road! Nice comp.

  10. quiet view [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

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  11. fielDofForce 17 months ago | reply

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