Railways of the Rhine region (2011)
The first photo here is not actually from the Rhine region, but instead shows a Deutsche Bahn yard at Wustermark, about 20 miles west of Berlin, taken from an Air Berlin flight that Marcia and I took as we traveled from Oslo to Zurich. The rest of these photos are from a Rhine River cruise that we took from Basel to Amsterdam following our two-week journey through Switzerland. On our first full day, we did a Black Forest tour from the port of Breisach, which included a stop at Breitnau, location of the large stone viaduct shown here. The next day, we docked at Kehl, Germany, across the river from Strasbourg. After taking a tour of the city, we had a couple of hours to spare before we had to be back on our ship, and I used the time to make a brief visit to Strasbourg's main railway station. The real fun began when we arrived at Rüdesheim am Rhein, where our ship spent the night. The next day we sailed the Middle Rhine, with its numerous castles and a rail line on each side of the river, and a train every few minutes. Our ship docked at Koblenz that afternoon, and I spent a pleasant hour or so on deck photographing trains on the opposite bank as they passed the Ehrenbreitstein station. On the following day, I was able to spend a couple of hours at Cologne's main station, where the volume of traffic was equally impressive.
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