Kisai Rogue SR2 Blue LCD Wrist Watch Design

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    Kisai Rogue SR2 is a colored LCD wrist watch design with an LED backlight.

    This design presents the time through a circle of connecting blocks. The time can be read at a glance but can also be illuminated with bright LEDs at the touch of a button. This exciting function is especially effective at night time.

    This photo shows the watch on my wrist without the LED lighting on in the day time. What time is it?

    1. Gabriel_BB 46 months ago | reply

      excellent watch. Even I have already the old Rogue, I want a blue one also :)

    2. lyssa_fox 46 months ago | reply

      Very nice futuristic design, love that it's simple to read. Blue is an amazing colour!

    3. Arcadio3001 46 months ago | reply

      I was looking for this watch for a very long time, but wasn't able to acquire. Later when I was able, the watch was not available. I bought the RPM, a really cool watch, however, I still want the Rogue very much, so I'm glad that it's bach. :)

    4. Josh991 46 months ago | reply

      Beautiful design. I love how this tells the time without having to turn on the light. Preserves the battery and and can be read in bright light

    5. Gabriel_BB 46 months ago | reply

      it seems strange, but after the Rogue SR2 was announced, I use to wear the old Rogue more often. I would love to have the blue one also. I remember that when I bought the first Rogue, it was the olny one left, a classic silver, and I would love to have the black one. Now it's possible :)

    6. rymarx 46 months ago | reply

      Love the blue! Almost has an iridescent look to it. Looks good on the black band also.

    7. dskatter2000 45 months ago | reply

      I...may have to get this instead of the Satellite. Readable in direct sunlight makes this even better...

    8. hcarrega 45 months ago | reply

      awesome watch:)

    9. Levintry 45 months ago | reply

      I would like to see how it looks in a night time or dark setting.

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