Kisai Rogue SR2 Blue LCD Wrist Watch Design

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    Kisai Rogue SR2 is a colored LCD wrist watch design with an LED backlight.

    This design presents the time through a circle of connecting blocks. The time can be read at a glance but can also be illuminated with bright LEDs at the touch of a button. This exciting function is especially effective at night time.

    This shot shows the watch standing on a pair of blue denim jeans, the blue color matches the display and expresses that the watch has a casual feel. The LED backlight is turned on in this photo.

    1. Gabriel_BB 34 months ago | reply

      the new one has 4 LED, and it is brighter than the old one. new way :)

    2. Josh991 34 months ago | reply

      This beautifully reinvented rogue watch reinvents your image.

    3. Gabriel_BB 34 months ago | reply

      yes, the Rogue is reinvented. IT is very difficult if you have a very good product to develop another one which is even better. It's callenging :)

    4. ravaza 34 months ago | reply

      I wish it was on my wirst
      (si seulement elle pouvait etre a mon poignet)

    5. marvinthemartian1963 34 months ago | reply

      I've been wanting one of your watches so bad I can barely stand it. I check you site often and vote on many of your concepts. I have a watch collection and one of yours would be the crystal in the crown!

    6. Josh991 34 months ago | reply

      I have it!

    7. lyssa_fox 34 months ago | reply

      Such a lovely watch! blue is my favourite!

    8. IiI!NyCeMe12iI!I 32 months ago | reply

      I have 3 I want more though! I have to support these guys there products are precision!

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