• Freitag shoulder pad
  • Domke F3 waxwear bag
  • Contax T3
  • Leica MP 0.58
  • 35mm Summicron pre-asph with Map Camera made-in-Japan hood
  • Business cards
  • Schedule and pen
  • At least 20 rolls of film in two Fujifilm hard cases
  • Japanese Tenugui cloth for wrapping things to protect them in the bag
  • Iiemon green tea

    Can't live without it.
  • Ricoh GRDII
  • My phone should be right here but I forgot to include it. It's the same green one as before.
  • Fuji Presto 400
  • Sweet smell of Tatami mat! - caparobertsan

current set up for shooting

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An update of an older and quite popular image

I have shot up my remaining 120 Presto film with the Fuji 645 and Mamiya 7 and have been focusing on 35mm work this past year. Big Minis wear out fairly quickly so I am glad to have a T3 with which to keep as a solid compact point and shoot with me at all times.

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  1. penso 45 months ago | reply

    I actually just ordered the shoulder pad from domke for my F-3X as my shoulder strap was going off, I've read good reviews about it (had that bag for years and just got it repaired). Is that freitag better ? I'm also looking for a bottom deluxe like seen at www.tiffen.com/displayproduct.html?tablename=domke&it..., are you using anything with your F3 ?

    I just carry my 120 in their original blister, but if I find something similar by 5 or 10 I'd buy it.

  2. View Master 187 45 months ago | reply

    For a reliable compact, why not an Olympus XA? Fewer moving parts AND manual focus.

  3. 8th-samurai 45 months ago | reply

    I carry 120 film in one of these. www.amazon.com/Voodoo-Tactical-Compatible-Shotgun-AmmoPou... I just cut the elastic loops out and it will hold ten or so rolls very neatly.

  4. matt sutton | sydney australia 45 months ago | reply

    sweet setup, love your work

  5. TheRobbStory 45 months ago | reply

    Loving those film boxes. I carry two. I wish they still made the 120 size, though.

  6. deweerre 45 months ago | reply

    Looks a great system to carry the shotgun ammo bag but I rather use a more light tight solution with a plastic cap on top which seals out water & dirt.

  7. 8th-samurai 45 months ago | reply

    I keep the pouch in side my camera bag. If water and dirt get in there I am way more worried about the cameras and lenses sharing the space.

  8. findingtheview 45 months ago | reply

    What happened to the 645? You ditched it?

  9. matt sutton | sydney australia 45 months ago | reply

    may I ask where you can get those hard case fuji film cases?

  10. matt sutton | sydney australia 45 months ago | reply

    ahhh, thank you very much !

  11. ✈ Sean Marc Lee 李子仁 45 months ago | reply

    yes!!! ps finally found you on flickr.. swear i added you awhile ago!

  12. tokyo camera style 44 months ago | reply

    It isn't seeing as much game time as the Leica lately. I've gotten distracted by the workflow 35mm demands and haven't gotten around to buying new Tri-X to replace my now exhausted 120 Presto stock.


    I had one or two over the years- nice cameras but for compacts I prefer full auto.

    If you are outside of Japan, Japan Exposures can hook you up here: www.japanexposures.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=202

  13. Robert Stoffer Photography 44 months ago | reply

    where can you get those fujifilm film holders?

  14. tokyo camera style 44 months ago | reply

    I am sad to say that as of last week or so, nowhere. Fuji stopped making them.

  15. findingtheview 44 months ago | reply

    If you guys just want to carry your film safely and conveniently while in transit, there are various options that are in many respects actually better than the Fuji ones. Just go into any camping store and you'll find containers that are water and air tight.

    Or you can do a MacGyver and tape up these containers to form a 5x2 configuration.

  16. IanLudwig 44 months ago | reply

    Great gear shot.

  17. jeyku 43 months ago | reply

    very nice kit

  18. steadyslash/ 36 months ago | reply

    hello where to buy the film case
    TKS /

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