Leica M9 in Shinjuku

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    Leica M9 with 35mm Summicron

    Photographer: Philippe Milliat


    He explained that since the M9 isn’t suited for humid and tropical environments (he said he had been shooting in Hong Kong for the past month) it was necessary to tape up the body like this to keep the moisture out. That, and the more it looks like a beat up old vintage camera (and not a state of the art $10,000 digital Leica rig), the better for shooting out on the streets.

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    1. 河马牛 29 months ago | reply

      mummy leica?

    2. Gential LAMBERT 28 months ago | reply

      lolll! where's the next hospital????

    3. lancecsphoto [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

      He forgot to put tape over the viewfinder.

    4. Drew Dunbar 25 months ago | reply

      whats up with the hotshoe, raised more than usual. love the taped look though

    5. tokyo camera style 25 months ago | reply

      I'm not sure what it up with the hotshoe. Perhaps some sort of adapter?

    6. Drew Dunbar 25 months ago | reply

      ahhhh of course, thank you

    7. tokyo camera style 25 months ago | reply

      Whoops. Should have known. Thanks.

    8. jacksonkuo 20 months ago | reply

      What type of tape is that ??? any one please help ~ ^^

    9. der Wal 20 months ago | reply

      tesa power perfect 19mm. i tape my cameras w/ the same. it's the best.

    10. Patt Mann 15 months ago | reply

      The lens is not masked.
      He should have put tape on the front element of the Summicron to protect the glass.
      There are two possibilities:
      The M9 has 99000 actuations and he will sell it like new on Ebay.
      Or this man is paranoid, and this may be the first time and the last time he goes out with the leica.

    11. Rich 156 15 months ago | reply

      i have an M9, dependant on where you are shooting this can be a very good and sensible idea. it has nothing to do with protecting the finish or paranoia.
      As for making it ugly..that's the point, its much less likely to be swiped.

    12. Patt Mann 14 months ago | reply

      You are right. If I had an M9 I will not go into some streets of Paris or Tokyo without masking it. I regrete the term paranoia.

    13. menow3 6 months ago | reply

      If you have to ask Etc; can I have yours?

    14. h3lge 4 months ago | reply

      cool thang.

    15. bourjean29 2 months ago | reply


      Mais après, il faudra retirer la colle qui adhérera automatiquement au boitier. et là, risque d'abîmer le revêtement.

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