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Michio Yamauchi's Nikon FM3a

Fukagawa, Tokyo


Detail of Michio Yamauchi's Nikon FM3a.  This is a camera that was introduced in 2001. 


There are some people who spend a lot of time arguing the finer technical points of the latest and greatest lenses and digital camera bodies with strangers on internet forums. It is important to keep in mind that the only camera or lens these people believe is worth shooting is the one that is rumored to be released next year.


Mr. Yamuchi shoots black and white film with manual focus Nikons and and wears the leather covering down through to the chassis of his camera.  Photographically the 35mm f2.8 you see here is as basic as dirt on a farm.


Some people use $10,000 worth of camera and lenses and computers to shoot HDR snaps of an old barn which they toss on Flickr. (shrunk to 500 pixels across, of course). 


Mr. Yamauchi has published 10 books worth of his street photography and consistently exhibits his own prints in solo exhibitions in Tokyo.


Mr. Yamauchi is a photographer.  

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Uploaded on August 16, 2010