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Rung&Vansi Wedding, London

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  1. joe kreydatus 26 months ago | reply

    Looks as though your not as tolerant as you claim to be, or else you would respect my opinions and thoughts towards homosexuality. Have a great day and hope you get that anger under control.

  2. Jim@Home [deleted] 26 months ago | reply

    I believe in your country/ part of the world you stone to death/execute open, out gay people, yet behind closed doors you engage in buggery with boys..? Now aren't you a mixed up, sinful, bigoted hypocrite? : )

  3. © Jamie Mitchell 26 months ago | reply

    I am disgusted with some of the comments from so called adults on here. Coming from a young guy who still has a lot to learn from life i see nothing wrong at all with two men or two women falling in love. It really is a true saying that you really can't choose who you fall in love with. A lot of peoples negative views towards homosexuality comes from the beliefs of their religion which in most cases were forced upon them at birth. What these people need to understand is that not everyone is like them and a lot of people don't follow your religion and your beliefs. I'm not saying you should be ignored for holding negative views, i'm just saying that all views and beliefs should be respected! So if you think it is disgusting or vile to see two men kissing then fine, i accept that, you are free to think like that but when you start saying that these things should be " behind closed doors " and " i don't want to see it " then that is when you are starting to dicate to other peoples views and that is when YOU are in the wrong.

    The world is becoming a more tolerant place and homosexuals will one day have equality with the rest of their fellow human beings. Most of these homophobic people just think of "sex" when they think of homosexuals and that makes them think it is disgusting. Gay people can love too you know. You might say hetrosexual sex isn't dusgusting but would you still say the same when thinking about your own parents doing it???

    It's not about sex.... thats just one part of a relationship. It's about LOVE. It is so simple to understand.

  4. belaphoto50 26 months ago | reply

    Here is nothing to discuss. The one who is attracted with love to the
    same-sex person, he (she) must get a doctor examined whether he (she) has not any mental sickness, because a healthy-minded man does not do like this. A man must know to control his (her) feelings!

  5. jmmany 26 months ago | reply

    I think you will find YOU are the one who needs help.....LOVE IS LOVE - you just cant see it. Keep your religeous mumbo jumbo to yourself. You obviously dont know what your are talking about.

  6. belaphoto50 26 months ago | reply

    I do not understand why you refer to the religion. You need not be a religious man to reject this anti-natural behaviour. Have you thought of it what would be if just the same-sex persons got married? Who would bear a child?

  7. Tom Kondrat 26 months ago | reply

    I was proud of this photograph when I was posting it on flickr 3 years ago. I didn't think even for a moment it could offend anyone in any aspect and I feel the same way today. I can't see why on earth I should not show this particular one. It doesn't seem controversial to me at all. I would offend my friends if I didn't post it here for the reasons you are talking about.
    There would be no babies if everyone became priests/monks but nobody thinks being one is sick...

  8. goldtrout 26 months ago | reply

    oh... i think a whole lot of young men and older... out there might just disagree with your saying "nobody thinks a priest is sick" ... just a feeling now

  9. shirleywilson39 [deleted] 26 months ago | reply

    I so agree. Apparantly this person lives in a fantasy world if he believes nobody thinks priests are sick. Talk to all the young boys and in some cases girls who were molested by their parish priest for years and were too afraid to tell anyone. And the fact is more children are molested by Heterosexual men, often a family member or someone known to the family. I am not saying all priests are pedophiles but many. many of them in that position of authority abuse their postion and do abuse children.

    And why do you think people who love children and want to be parents must only do this biologically between a man and a woman? Many Gay men and Lesbian women are having lovely babies and raising healthy happy kids through adoption, surrogates and sperm donors.

  10. goldtrout 26 months ago | reply

    very refreshing shirley w.....very. I can't get 'too into it" because i'd be labeled the "crazy one' not the psychotic wolves in sheeps clothing which work for the richest ( key word) institution on the planet.
    have a good one !

  11. belaphoto50 26 months ago | reply

    I understand that homosexuals too, can raise up children but they must reckon with that chance, if their child grows up and asks where his (her) mammy is. What will they answer?
    We need not mix monks and priests with homosexuals. The formers can not have children, because the community where they live does not make it possible, and their calling is to help to other people and also to the homosexuals to recover from their homosexuality. Because whatever you say homosexuality is a mental sickness, and it is curable. There was a precedent like this.

  12. Tom Kondrat 26 months ago | reply

    I can't possibly imagine you believe in what you have written. But if you really do believe in that, perhaps you should read some recent scientific facts about homosexuality, not something written few centuries ago.

  13. belaphoto50 26 months ago | reply

    If you were a christian man and had a slightly to do with the Bible, you would not write like this, and you would disregard the scientific writing that is I suppose the work of a homosexual scientist.

  14. shirleywilson39 [deleted] 26 months ago | reply

    This is going to be my last post on this thread. Some people are taught homophobia from their home and no matter how other's try they will never change. belaphoto50 appears to be one of those people. Here is a note on Homosexuality and mental illness from the APA in 1973 and now lo and behold, even China agrees.

    In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders. The American Psychological Association declared that it was not a disorder in 1975.

    Homosexuality removed from official list of mental illnesses
    By David Rennie
    12:00AM BST 21 Apr 2001
    CHINA removed homosexuality from its official register of psychiatric disorders yesterday in what the media hailed as a move towards tolerance and rationality.

    But even this will not be enough for you and to continue to reply to your posts is a waste of time.

  15. Tom Kondrat 26 months ago | reply

    yeah sure... and the Earth is flat

  16. iank14 26 months ago | reply

    I don't know why you respond to . She's obviously lonely, frustrated or deranged. She and others have changed what should be a critique of the photo into some sort of social issues crusade where no one is going to win whether you use logic, reasoning or just plain decency. She and her sort will never change their minds so why not just ignore them or block and delete them and let them stew in their own squalid little worlds where they can prey on each other? -- BTW the more and more I see this photo, the more I see how true love has been captured and captured well.

  17. belaphoto50 26 months ago | reply

    The One who is differs in opinion from you is despised by you, and you do not try him being convinced.

  18. Jason Lupi 26 months ago | reply

    hahaha Just because I used a few of these !!!!!!! you presumed I was angry ? You dont know me and you dont know whats going on in the real world. I respect people who dont shriek hate and vileness. People can see through you and see just how ignorant you are. Simple as.

  19. joe kreydatus 26 months ago | reply

    ...oh, and good luck with your judgmental attitude as well. Have a great day hypocrite!

  20. babyboy0012 [deleted] 26 months ago | reply

    It's so sweet.....

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