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exploration : vision of the injurred going home


i saw this picture and an instant impression rushed through my mind... to dedicate this to all those who have made our communities and lives better... firefighters, soldiers, city workers, police officers, urban engineers.... special tribute to those who lost their lives doing it.


processing tips for superimposing images:


1.choose the images you want

2.load the main image into the GIMP

3.perform any processing on this image that you feel would add to the feel the image you want to place on top to cover sections of the main image

5.drag that image onto the canvas that you loaded the first one

6.this will create a new layer on top of the main image layer portions of the new layer you want to cut away so the bottom main image shows through

8.add feathering to the selection, if your image is as large as mine, i recommend a feather of 300 pixels

9.cut the selected portion to reveal what is under it

(i used a cloud image for my top layer)

10.change the top layer mode to a mode that is appropriate to bring out the details of the top layer AND the bottom layer... i chose screen.

11.merge all layers of the image into one layer

12.for the light rays... use the path selection tool to place points to form a long-rayed star shape.

13.add a selection feather of about 75 to those thin rays.

14.use color curves to lighten that selection area.

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Taken on August 28, 2007