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After the Show, It's the After....Photo Shoot

A year ago, well just over the year mark, I photographed Avery, and that was the first time I ever brought someone along on the shoot. That…did not turn out ideally. I was still too new at this, and my feeble mind couldn't manage the cross conversation, the distracted model, the fishing for ideas while trying to learn my way around a camera.


That “me”, less a year and what I can only imagine would look like a year’s worth of experience and reference that’s been shoved into my brain, would have been reduced to a smoldering heap of inadequacy and confusion last Friday night.


One of my lovely bands (I think I will reference all of the local bands I shoot for possessively from now on; I think we've moved passed casual), Dead Surf, snagged a gig opening for Elle Varner at Columbia College and I devised the moderate, modest goal of getting a Polaroid of her afterwards.


Obstacles overcome:


-The Sea of girls waiting to have this night immortalized in digital perfection in front of a backdrop with an arm around Elle.


-The staff, the students who organized this lovely event as well as those working for Elle, being completely confused and on several different pages as to what I planned on doing with this anachronistic Polaroid box I happened to be holding.


-I was hungry.


None of these things deterred me from my goal. When one of her staff (I guess he was the manager?) was reluctant to let me take a photo, Elle spoke up for me and we had a little photo shoot, grabbing Victor (killer guitarist) and Shawn (AKA Anointed S, beatboxing king) for a Charlie’s Angels style pose. Lots of laughs in the moment (totally got a shot of them cracking up; no you can’t see it. I’m selfish lol) and I’m pretty sure I took a Polaroid of everybody she was with.


All in all, best night of the year. Sent Elle on her way with a small stack of Polaroids that I never got to see, but I got to make her laugh by being the completely unprofessional photographer that I am and snagged a cupcake and some Twizzlers, so it all evens out.


Past Scott, you’ve come a long way.

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Taken on September 24, 2012