BlinkM MaxM
BlinkM MaxM: works just like a BlinkM, but so very much brighter.

BlinkM MaxM is a high-power version of a BlinkM

The MaxM consists of two boards: the "master" is the bottom board. It contains the BlinkM functionality and power MOSFET transistors. The top board is the "blaster". It contains an Red LED (135,000 mcd), Green LED (180,000 mcd), and Blue LED (130,000 mcd). The "blaster" can be removed easily.

While MaxM is primarily a way to let one drive large LED arrays or high-power LEDs BlinkM-like way, the inclusion of the "blaster" board lets one play with the MaxM quickly without wiring anything up. It also acts as a great debugging tool: try your code out with the blaster board, then pop it off and plug in your real application.
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