Canon F-1 New
It was right after ten years from the birth of "F-1" which Canon declared to be remained unchanged that a successor to the F-1 came on the market. The New F-1 employed electronical & optical technologies cultivated through ten years of time, and became the flagship model with many functions and automatic operation for a new age.

First introduced in Sep. 1981.
Camera type : 35mm focal-plane shutter SLR camera
Picture size : 24 x 36mm
Standard lens : Canon FD f1.2/50mm
Lens mount : FD mount
Viewfinder : Interchangeable Eye-Level Pentaprism Finder
Finder magnification : 0.8x (Eye-Level Pentaprism Finder)
Finder coverage : 97%
Focusing screen : New split prism rangefinder in the center encircled by laser matte screen with microprism rangefinder
32 (13 types) interchangeable focusing screens for three metering patterns.
Metering indicator, exposure match needle, shutter speed display, aperture display, stopped-down metering needle, and various warnings provided.
Metering : TTL full aperture match needle manual metering (SPC employed)
AE Finder FN and AE Motor Drive FN provide shutter speed-priority AE.
Light reading : selectable out of Spot light reading at center (3%), partial light reading at center (12%), center-weighted light reading
Exposure compensation : from -2 to +2 EV
Metering range : EV 1 - 18 (ISO 100, f1.4)
Film speed range : ISO 6 - 6400
Shutter : four-axis horizontal-run focal-plane shutter with metal curtain
Shutter speeds : Hybrid shutter - Mechanical shutter : B, X (1/90 sec.), 1/125 - 1/2000 sec.
Electronic shutter : 8 - 1/90 sec.
Built-in self-timer with adjustable timer and beeper, Multiple-exposure enabled
Flash sync contact : X-sync with German socket with locking pin, hot shoe
Film loading : Camera back with safety latch, slotted take-up spool
Film advance : Film wind lever - 139 deg. stroke, play at 30 deg., ratcheted winding enabled.
Frame counter : automatic resetting forward counting type
Film rewind : collapsible rewind crank
Power source : 2CR-1/3N lithium 6V battery x 1 or 4LR44 alkaline battery x 1
Body dimensions : 146.7 x 96.6 x 48.3 mm
Body weight : approx. 795 g
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