Canon AV-1

The Canon AV-1 was a 35mm single-lens reflex camera introduced by Canon in 1979. The AV-1 is in essence an enhanced AE-1, with aperture priority AE rather than the more expensive — but easier to use shutter speed priority AE.

Even though the cameras would cost more to produce and therefore to buy, shutter speed-priority AE cameras were important to Canon since users could set and use shutter speeds easier than aperture settings. However, in the United States and other markets, aperture-priority AE 35mm cameras were more popular.

When this camera appeared, a new type of FD lens was introduced, featuring instant mounting & un-mounting of the lens. This was called the New FD mount and did away with the older type of mounting ring which was fitted on to the rear of the lens and was awkward to use and needed two hands (and which used to wear), to a newer, easier system whereby the user lined up the red dot on the lens, with the red dot on the camera and simply turned the whole lens until it clicked into place.
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