Seraph Superiority Fighter

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This has been my project for several consecutive months now, and is a fighter inspired principally by Ikaruga (AMAZING game), but also more than a little by dasnewton's amazing Naganata, a purely stunning example of the power of this medium.

This build was extremely convoluted, has some delicacy, and has most of it's structure built off of only 2 studs-- while being one of my most robust and sturdy creations. It was incredibly difficult to construct the form that created itself in my mind, but I managed to pull it off to create my best work yet (by far), and I had an amazing time of it. C&C welcome.

The Seraph-class Superiority fighter was originally designed to be the prototype run for a series of mass-produced interceptor units, but as the four development prototypes and the singular frame archetype became more and more complicated, rising costs and a series of accidents cut the funding completely. The only surviving unit was the original frame, which was the only one modified to full specs. These specifications are highly classified, and a rumor has been floating around (despite the best efforts of the design team to quell it) that a fearsome secret weapon was added to the ship on top of it's already impressive capabilities. A single phrase, "Eternus Ira Obviam Deus", is the only record of any such hidden capability-- a weapon so powerful, it was never deployed in actual combat. The fighter is now sealed away in a location known to only one man, the last surviving remnant of a power beyond imagining.

The data gathered during it's construction and singular test flight was instrumental in the construction of a new line of spacecraft, though none would ever surpass it's complexity or potency....

...or something like that : D

Oh, and I forgot until recently to add this photo to a few groups. Sorry if that's any inconvenience :s

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  1. Phong Chang. 56 months ago | reply

    Very neat. Looks cool with your style.

  2. tobyhein 56 months ago | reply

    @ Grandpappy-- I totally agree about the lighting, but since I'm not planning to disassemble this for a while and I want to take more pics anyways, I'll tone down the bloom for my setup. I did use Photoshop to up contrast and selectively darken, but there was too much of a glow effect to truly get rid of.

    Detailing on the insides of the forewings was something I really wanted too, but the small laser cannons mounted in there offset the balance of any of the black or dark blay greebles I tried to stick in. I just couldn't make it look right, though I may eventually revise this thing-- I'm also aiming for more exchangeable weapons (since it uses T-joints for the cannons). Another major issue with this build is that it uses nearly all of my dark blay-- I've actually run out of jumpers, 1x2 plates and cheese slopes in the color due to this ship.

    The MOCpages description for the weapons explains the forward-positioned magazines.

    Also, I agree about them looking awesome.

    Thanks, to you and to everyone else who has commented/noted!

  3. thebigtubadaddy 56 months ago | reply

    Wow. Very well done. I like the unorthodox front end.

  4. Shannon Ocean 56 months ago | reply

    This is great! Looks like it's holding machine guns out the front.

  5. tpcowan 56 months ago | reply

    Very unconventional appearance you have here. I like it.

  6. vìnn 56 months ago | reply

    Oh wow. This is awesome. I'm honored you were inspired by one of my builds.

  7. Dunechaser 56 months ago | reply

    Really great. As others have pointed out, the "ammo clips" are great, and the texture on the intakes is excellent (though I question the need for intakes on what I assume is a space fighter).

    Also, I'm an admin for a group called Blogged by The Brothers Brick, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  8. ceramite 56 months ago | reply

    This IS the Epic Awesome! Damn thats cool!!!

  9. tobyhein 56 months ago | reply

    Thanks again to everyone who's commented.

    Dunechaser: Thank you very, very, very much for the blog post, it's the first time I've made it on TBB. As for the intakes: The fighter is in-or-out of atmosphere, so the intakes only serve an actual role until it leaves the planet's atmosphere. Or maybe they distill photons or high-mass ionized particles from space debris and drag them to an internal processor to refuel the ship as it flies. I'm not actually sure.

  10. Dunechaser 56 months ago | reply

    ^ Heh heh, I'd buy that. :-D (And you're welcome.)

  11. MercenaryXero 56 months ago | reply

    Wow, this has to be the coolest thing I've seen in a while.

  12. Phong Chang. 54 months ago | reply

    Hi Toby, why have you not been on LIVE? Just stopping to say my compy works now.

  13. tobyhein 54 months ago | reply

    I haven't been on LIVE because of a ridiculous volume of homework. Seriously. I also got a couple other things I've been doing in my spare time, such as some minor prep for NoVvember.

  14. Freedom01 54 months ago | reply

    Not that I'm angry but why did you repost this?

  15. tobyhein 54 months ago | reply

    I didn't, just forgot to add it to a couple of groups until now. I know it probably seems really lame, but it completely slipped my mind. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  16. zwitl 54 months ago | reply

    Amazing ship! Best fighter I've seen in weeks.

  17. YendisHD [deleted] 50 months ago | reply


  18. Abathar 32 months ago | reply

    Have to agree. One of my favorites that I have seen so far as well. Love the detail and all the pieces you used to make this masterpiece. Wow, Wow, Wow. I hope I can pull something together like this in the future. Keep it up Bro.

  19. F@bz 12 months ago | reply

    (forty month later;;;;^^)

    Awesome moc , we can feel the power of this beast. Nice!

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