Pipeline and pumping station protest
In Dunham, Quebec, on the last day of a climate camp convergence

[Here is a write-up about the photos from the camp, and the protest at the end of the camp]

After brief statements from activists, we embarked on a march along rural roads, toward the site of a proposed pumping station. We chanted, sang, and did a sort of dance; we also performed what we called a "human oil spill." After the march -- at the site of the possible tar sands pumping station -- speakers talked about tar sands issues, while food was prepared and eaten.

It was cloudy and mucky, and it was raining.
The protest site also wasn't directly beside our camp space -- which posed another challenge for us.


The protest was part of the Trailbreaker campaign against tar sands piping and pumping. That campaign is a way of blocking tar sands expansion, while helping out local victims, at the same time.

During the protest, people started to sign on to this pledge of resistance -
Please sign on.

The pipeline project cuts across Maine, Quebec, Ontario, Michigan, Illinois, and other surrounding areas -- so there are plenty of points of intervention, and plenty of grounds for solidarity.

On August 15th, there was another climate camp protest in Dunham. Here is a photo set and a video -
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Our climate camp protest and convergence was one of several during 2010; here is a list of 2010 climate camp web sites, in various Anglo and European countries -
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