Civil liberties rally and march
[Here is a write-up about our local G20 fightback campaigning in July, and in late June]

The 17th was a day of action for civil liberties that were trampled during the G20 summit in Toronto.

Here is the Facebook event posting for the local rally and march -

We had a rally at city hall, before we marched to the police station, where we had another brief rally.

Here's one of five videos from the protest -
The videos mainly are from the rally at city hall.

Wendy, of People for Peace, told people about The London call statement ("No more police state tactics") -- at city hall, and at the police station. Here's a copy of the statement -
We are still accepting signatures (as of the end of July).

At city hall, I spoke on behalf of the local climate justice group to present a version of this statement -
(If you watch the video you'll see that I kept bending down awkwardly -- because I was trying to read a little paper that was crumpling in my hand, and because I stood too high above the ground.)

Climate justice activists also had a "civil liberties, not corporate liberties" sign there, and (as you can see) the "climate justice" banner.

There were a set of somewhat different perspectives, messages, and actions out there that day.

Some legal defence money was raised, and calls for an inquiry into G20 policing were an important part of the protesting.

As we marched out to the police station, some of us repeated a chant about "rapist
police" several times, while a cop car was tailing us with sirens flashing.
There also were other chants and loud statements in the streets.
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