"Take back Canada on Canada Day" protest
In London, Ontario, Canada
during Canada Day celebrations in a public park

[Here is a write-up about our local G20 fightback campaigning in July, and in late June]

The action call-out on Facebook said this -

"To protest the police brutality during the G20 in Toronto we will gather to re-create scenes of oppression and violence to tell our government that we will not accept a police state! Conservative MP Ed Holder wants us to be the most 'patriotic' constituency. Let's show him what a dark day Canada Day has become and that we reject Canada's version of the 'Patriotic Act'.

Join us during the Canada Day celebrations ... to create through theatre the horrific scenes we have all been watching on youtube.

If you want to be a cop, wear black and bring anything that resembles a police hat or riot helmet. We will provide other props. If you want to be a protester, come as you are. This is a peaceful demonstration."


During our threatrical protesting, we mainly recreated this scene -

But we also had the police outnumber the protestors to show what the streets were like in Toronto, for most of the summit.
There were 20,000 police officers.

The fake riot shields don't quite say "police" on them because one of the activists was worried that we would be charged with impersonating police officers.


Nicole took some of these photos.
I prepared and posted the photos.
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