• "Without money we'd all be rich"

Without money

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Maybe! --
if we make that happen


Without money, we still can have economies; and I think that we still should have economies, if we don't have and don't use money.

There are other economic models out there. The Inclusive democracy model isn't based around money systems, and it's just one example.


I didn't take the photo, and I don't know who did. I also don't know where it was taken.

I found it here -

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  1. Ronise! 55 months ago | reply

    I used this image in my personal blog - www.ronise.blogspot.com- (with credits), i hope it's ok. thank you!

  2. KeliseT 52 months ago | reply

    Hi, I am an admin for the blog Thoughts of PR Sarkar. I thought your photo was great and have used it in a post. We have created a link back to this page and credited the photo to you. Thanks Kelise

  3. bxltom 45 months ago | reply

    Hi there, super photo! I've used it on my site: www.neemontslag.nl/news/hoe-zit-het-dan-met-geld-deel-4/

  4. thesungame 43 months ago | reply

    I have used this image in a blog entry on writing for a living vs. blogging for free: sungame.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/money-money-money/#more-...

    I have of course credited the photo to you, and I created a link back here as well.

  5. brokeelizabeth 38 months ago | reply

    Great picture! I used it on my blog here wp.me/p29zMJ-42 and linked it back to you.

  6. 2015AD 34 months ago | reply

    Get rid of all “cash”. Rubles, Yen, dollars and so on.
    Give everyone a “point card” with your SSN number, driver license number, what ever other numbers other countries use to identify yourself to the world.
    Use your point card to swipe-in and out from any and all work you do. Get “points” for your labor.
    Use the same card to make your purchases.

    You’re making 17 dollars an hour driving a bus. You are making 17 points an hour with the point system.
    Your salary is 50,000 per year. You are earning 50,000 points per year.
    I have 50,000 dollars in the bank. That’s 50,000 points. No doubling.
    Bus driver in Vietnam makes the same amount as the bus driver in New York.
    It is a person’s labor that has real value.
    No matter what you do for a living, everyone everywhere on God’s green Earth deserves to earn a good living.
    Banks, Wall Street and cash-hoarders shit a brick with this idea saying it would not work.
    Fuck them. It would work.
    They’re afraid of losing their ability to steal money from everyone on the planet like they do now.

  7. Midnite Da Masta 33 months ago | reply

    I thought I'd let you know I've used your photo on my Learn How To Write Rap With The Professionals For Free Pageon my website.

    (The Web's Largest Learn How To Rap FREE Guide!)


    Thanks for the great photo!

  8. sammy9182smith 29 months ago | reply

    This is a beautiful picture and quote. It really hits close to home. I was in ridiculous debt due to a car accident. It stressed me out and made my life miserable. I received a settlement, but I had to sell my structured settlements for cash in order to get ahead. Even after selling my settlement, I was consumed by fear. I put my life on hold because I didn't want to spend money, and I worked like an addict to keep making money. It's easy to become a prisoner to money, and I feel like I'd be better off without it, and I think the world would be, too.

  9. Super_Clarissa 28 months ago | reply

    Thank you for the great picture! I used it on my blog: reichangeschichten.de/

    Best wishes, Clarissa

  10. aryastark444 27 months ago | reply

    This should be the slogan for bankruptcy lawyers in Utah....

  11. jesszholmes 25 months ago | reply

    We'd all be rich, sure. But I don't think anybody would refuse some free cash now.

  12. RevSmilez 17 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing you photo on a creative commons license. I used it here: soundcloud.com/revsmilez/money-is-not-the-problem

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  18. stop that man! 2 months ago | reply

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