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Racial Profiling | by ToastyKen
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Racial Profiling

(Project 365 Day 179)

Don't worry; I haven't been arrested. This mugshot is fake. :P According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Virginia Tech shooter recently came to this country from Shanghai. Already there are loudmouths on the Internet saying racist things about Chinese people and immigration, with varying degrees of subtlety. Yes, people say things on the Internet they wouldn't have said in person, but they still would've thought it.


I've tried to avoid reading too much about this, because all the knee-jerk reactions bug me. "Why didn't you close down the whole school after the first shooting?" some ask. Well, it's certainly easy to see that in hindsight, now isn't it? If they had closed down the school, I bet many people would be complaining about overzealous post-9/11 security. "This might not have happened if students were allowed to carry guns for self-defense!" others shout. A bill to allow just that was recently voted down. Yeah, well, it's easy to say that now, but if guns were allowed on campus, I bet there would be people blaming that very bill for this tragedy.


I guess I actually totally understand such reactions from people who were personally affected by this. It's got to suck to lose someone so randomly, and people want answers and results. I guess what bugs me more are people who are completely unrelated to the events who use it to promote their personal agendas.


Hell, maybe I'm doing that myself by ranting about the politics of the situation. I guess I'm as much a slave to sensationalism as anyone. I mean, in a sense, shootings like these are insignificant compared to the 10,000+ people killed by drunk drivers in this country every year...


Update: It seems the Sun-Times was wrong. The killer was not Shanghainese, and he immigrated to the US back in 1992.

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Taken on April 17, 2007