The Corn Palace

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    (Project 365 Day 95)
    Scene lit by the high beam on my car. :)

    (I think it kinda has a bit of a deserted Coney Island look.)

    1. Nils Geylen 100 months ago | reply

      Have you thought of cropping this? While I really like this, I can't help but feel the darkness above is too much. Of course you'd lose the streaks left and right. In any case, the abandoned feel you get from this black expanse closing in on this tiny shack is cool too. Just wondering really...

    2. kimberly hurst 100 months ago | reply

      very cool shot. I love the effect.

    3. Nils Geylen 100 months ago | reply

      Ken, I'm having second thoughts. When I looked at this shot today, it struck me how I had somewhat dismissed yours because of the black. Now I suddenly seemed to like it.

      So, I came back to have another look and I have to confess I was talking drivel. You can't lose the sides here and the black is cool in a way. Also, looking back at this wide format now, it actually kind of makes me think of a David Lynch movie.

      What was I thinking? :-)

    4. ToastyKen 100 months ago | reply

      I'm glad you like it. You know what I just noticed, actually, just now? The giant "OPEN" sign when it clearly is not. Spooky!

    5. Nils Geylen 100 months ago | reply

      Oh, yeah, jeez, I hadn't thought of that either. That is so awesome. Yeah, it's a real sleeper this one, it's just gets more interesting each time you look at it.

      Next, in David Lynch style: you remember that the car lights were actually OFF, ha ha!


    6. carvalho 100 months ago | reply

      I really like this - the black space has great 'heft' (for lack of a better word) and makes the shot special. Great job.

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