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(Pen)ultimate Project 365 Photo | by ToastyKen
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(Pen)ultimate Project 365 Photo

(Project 365 Day 364 (actually 365))

So as I was saving this file and looking back at the start of my Project 365, I realized that I started it on October 19, and today is already October 18, so this must actually be my last Project 365 photo! But it's only number 364! What gives?


I looked through my archives and found that way back on January 13, what should've been Day 87 I labeled as Day 86 again, so I have two Day 86's. Rather than renumber all my pictures, I'm just going to go with it and still act like this is my second to last Project 365 photo, because that's what I thought when I took it. :P


Anyway, my original comment was going to be that I'm amazed I'm nearing the end of one full year of Project 365! A friend of mine asked me if I felt extra pressure to take interesting pictures because it's the end, and I was like, no really. :) I feel like I've already accomplished something. I can think of very few other things I've done every day of my life for a whole year! I instead decided to take another symbolically lazy last minute shot. This is just of the intersection between the wall and ceiling of my bedroom. :P


I'm going to stop Project 365 after the next photo (nominally photo 365, but actually 366 :P). I'm still going to be taking lots of pictures and carrying a camera with me everywhere I go, but no more last minute pictures of the ceiling of my bedroom. :) And I guess I might not bother posting them to the Project 365 Group any more either. That group has grown too big for me to scan effectively anyway, so I won't add to the clutter.


I dunno. It feels weird to be ending this project, even though I'll still be taking pictures. I think I'm going to try to transfer this energy into drawing on some sort of regular basis for year. I have far less confidence in my drawing, though, so I don't know if I'll be wanting to post that on the Internet. :)


I guess I made my end-of-project rants here now instead of on the next photo. Just as well, since this is technically the real last photo, but also because the next photo will have a long enough comment of its own as it is!

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Taken on October 19, 2007