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Facebook Friend Wheel

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if you're on Facebook, you can get one here (tinyurl.com/2estpo). I'm pretty fresh on that social network, but interesting to see the connections amongst the few contacts I've got on there already.

the people i've put into categories together aren't quite right, but they'll do for the now

  1. johnnyzero ages ago | reply

    Liking this Aleks. We were toying with the idea of attempting something similar along the 'six degrees of separation' line. Got as far as looking up the Facebook API and got bored.

  2. Toastwife ages ago | reply

    @johnnyzero; talk to me. that's what i'm doing with me phd

  3. antikewl ages ago | reply

    This is very cool. I'm a sucker for brightly coloured visual reprsentations of stuff though! :)

    I've discovered through this that my friends are quite segregated -- something I hadn't realised before. It may just be, however, because some key players that connect certain groups are missing from facebook...

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