After the Storm

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I can't believe it's already been ten weeks. dis is crazy

Anyway this photo has taken more out of me than any other. Yesterday Ilinois decided to pull a weather switcheroo and go from sunny and 90 to rainy and 50.
Soooo rain. I thought that could be a cool photo prospect.
Well it was so dark where I was shooting that I couldn't take a photo faster than 1/200th and that didn't catch much rain I guess...
So moral of the story: I was wet and cold for two hours.
I thought I was going to get sick but so far I haven't.
Also I saw the midnight premiere of Moonrise Kingdom and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!
anyway thats it for now.

also this was a bitch of an expansion. String is not fun haha. I did this one by hand too! I'm trying to get better at this whole editing thing.

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  1. krystalhh 33 months ago | reply

    nice! I really like it

  2. -* K I M B E R L I 33 months ago | reply

    We're all trying to get better at editing. :P
    It was all sunny and stuff today, and out of nowhere it started pouring.
    Like, tf? :|

    I love the tones here. :D

  3. Nick and the Whale 33 months ago | reply

    but actually the weather needs to be set straight haha
    thanks! Thanks guys!

  4. Abby Schultz 33 months ago | reply

    Same thing happened in Tennessee with the weather!
    I love this picture. Your position adds so much, and I love the string as well. Although I'm looking at this from my phone, from what I can see, the expansion is perfect! Another wonderful photo :)

  5. Stephen Maycock 33 months ago | reply

    wowwww, this is great. The framing is perrrrfect!

  6. Maike Born 33 months ago | reply

    That's perfect!! Love your pose here

  7. Nick and the Whale 33 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much Abby! You're support is always so great!
    Thanks Maike! It took a little work to get everything together haha
    Thanks Stephen I love having different depths in my photos.

  8. Annafur 33 months ago | reply

    The broken pose you have here works great with the mood of the image

  9. 220495 33 months ago | reply

    I adore that pose, and the colours and tones here. The bokeh too.
    This is just made up so well. :)

  10. Glenda Lissette 33 months ago | reply

    Your expression is perfection ♥

  11. bellejune 33 months ago | reply

    ahhh the things we do for photography..
    well this is wonderful
    your expression is perfect

  12. Isabel Becker 33 months ago | reply

    wow, i like this one so much. i love the pose and the look waterdrops (?) !

  13. Nick and the Whale 33 months ago | reply

    thanks guys! It was such a struggle to pose like that haha
    Thanks so much!

  14. Marina Kat 33 months ago | reply

    that is gorgeous!

  15. sun eyed girl▲ [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

    Ahhh...this is incredible!!!! Love it!

  16. haaken reed photography [deleted] 32 months ago | reply

    what do you think? new to flickr.

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