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Leftover Mash-Up, Warrior Style: Beef Pot Roast, Panang Chicken, Eggs, and Green Pepper

I'm not trying to brag, but it's a fact: when it comes to leftovers, I am a warrior. A total warrior. Give me a fridge full of anything, and I'll make it into a meal. How do I do it? Nobody knows. Maybe it's something in my primal make-up, something called forth from the hunter-gatherer within my bones, some instinctual, untamed ability to forage in strange refrigerators and come out with the makings of a full stomach. However I do it, I do it. (Like a warrior.)


Take tonight's feast, for instance. What's in the fridge? Roasted beef, about a week old, looking kind of dry. Better use that soon: grabbed. What else? About half a cup of chicken in panang curry, leftovers from dinner out last night. But, beef and chicken in the same dish? That's, that's impossible! Not for a warrior: I grab the chicken. Next? Ah, a green pepper, big and heavy. It's starting to wither, though; it won't survive the weekend: grabbed. Anything else about to pass the point of no return? Hmm... those eggs from the farmer's market... Nope, those look to be fresh. Still, they're killer tasty, so: grabbed. Anything else? Scanning the fridge... all clear!


What's the battle plan? Here's where it all comes together. The peppers: dice 'em and cook in butter. While that's going, dice the beef: salvage the dryness, provide parity with the green-pepper dice. Pepper's looking good in the pan: toss in the beef, then the chicken curry. Then crack three eggs into the pan. Reduce heat and cover. Five minutes later, slide onto a plate and hit with salt, pepper, and red-pepper flakes.



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Taken on August 27, 2009