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Old Glory - 400+ Year old Oak Tree

400-year-old oak that was occupied for more than two months by a demonstrator (John Quigley, 42, climbed into the tree November 1 2002) trying to save the tree from a housing development


The tree was move to its current location (January 2004 ), a park in Stevenson Ranch about 1/2 mile from its original location


Article on anniversary of move

Five years ago today (01/20/2009) the Senna Tree Company moved an 180 year old oak tree, affectionately called “Old Glory”, out of the way of a construction site in Pico Canyon, California to a new home 1/4 mile away. With a height of 58 feet and a branch span of 104 feet, Old Glory is the world record for the largest tree transplanted. It took a total of 128 tires (16 8-wheel dollies) to move an estimated load of 250 tons. The effort cost more than a million dollars.


Prior to the move, the tree had weathered a three year drought. Its new home was going to separate the tree and the stream it got its water from. There was concern how the tree would fare after the move. Here’s a shot from Flickr from May 2008.


*** UPDATE***

As of May 2011 they are getting ready to remove the fence. the tree is faring very well.


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Taken on May 12, 2008