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I imagined this as a giant pirate freighter, lumbering through the galaxy. Named for Cerberus' two headed brother because of the two pod things coming out of the front.

This was built for Brickfair, believe it or not, and it took me 5 months to finally take pictures of it :P

More stuff coming!

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  1. mas_effect 65 months ago | reply

    Wow that's awesome!

  2. Tómmy 65 months ago | reply

    Love the different deceivingly simple textures, this is fantastic.

  3. the oneman 65 months ago | reply

    Aha ! Spectacular !

  4. Umm, Who? 65 months ago | reply

    Oh, wow! Nice, clean build!

  5. knobbyplastic [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

    Totally genius.

  6. Scruffy Mynxbane 65 months ago | reply

    i could easily see this as also being part of something larger yet. Might even steal some techni....oh who'm i kidding. i would have to actually build something for that to happen. Glad you do though.

  7. Pierre E Fieschi 65 months ago | reply

    Amazing texturing on this ship!

  8. Tristan Sjet 65 months ago | reply

    Wow. Don't think there's an angle on this thing that isn't good.

    However, it does need a orange/red candy-stripe antenna someplace :P

  9. _Tiler 65 months ago | reply

    The giant honeycomb of some insectoid space nation :)

  10. Heiwa71 65 months ago | reply

    That's inspired, stunning build!

  11. Phall Macaroni 64 months ago | reply

    Missed this one? Love all the interconnecting bricks how can you not - lovely stuff.

  12. StoryWriter 64 months ago | reply

    Reminds me of the Bentusi...

  13. Bricksbeard 64 months ago | reply

    amazing build!

  14. |M-A-K-B-R-I-C-K-S| [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    All the slopes on this are really cool.

  15. Master Shifu Leo J 63 months ago | reply

    It's a thing of beauty!

  16. ZombyDood 63 months ago | reply

    that looks like chopper 01 in stargate atlantis.
    is it?

  17. shalekaras 9 months ago | reply

    Youre a master at (piece) manipulation in the best of ways

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