Boy hailing John-Paul II

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    1. SophieMuc 116 months ago | reply

      don't really agree with the cropping. get the tops of the heads out!

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    2. dizzymcg 116 months ago | reply

      i agree with the cropping comment...BUT, i think the photo is wonderful. well-cropped, and it will truly seem like it is a silent conversation between the pope and the boy.
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    3. Ravages 116 months ago | reply

      nah, not a great picture. it needs more action in it to signify anything. right now, its a boy pointing at a window

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    4. mizzledrizzle 116 months ago | reply

      Colour needs treatment too.
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    5. J. Moran 116 months ago | reply

      if you cut out the heads bobbing in the very bottom with a cleaner crop and fiddled arount with saturation, color, and contrast...this would have some safety potential.

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    6. Andrew Morrell Photography 116 months ago | reply

      I like the idea that humans are so big in this photo and the revered one is so small. That's also what I don't like about it - that there's so much reverrence for something so far away.

      As for the photo, it's flat and doesn't convey the power of the moment. Not enough contrast and the colors/exposure look flat and dull.

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    7. atomtigerzoo 116 months ago | reply

      hm... the heads at the bottom are disturbing, the framing is bad - there has to be some space around the image and why so desaturated colors?

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    8. joaobambu 116 months ago | reply

      I also like the idea but the framing is off.. hard to capture both since he is so far away.. but it´s a really good concept and a memorable photo to keep!

      see you,

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    9. Mr. Mark 116 months ago | reply

      "don't jump!!"

      I like this. not pefect, but nice. wish I took it. colour is a tad dull. I'll have to think about this one...

    10. Mr. Mark 116 months ago | reply

      I think we actually need to see MORE of the heads below, and maybe a bit of shoulders even. Without that, we don't realize the boy is sitting on someone's shouldes, which makes this cooler for me. I also like that the pope is so far away and small. Not sure why though.

    11. Handerson Gomes 116 months ago | reply

      The moment is magic but somehow the photo didn't capture it well. Maybe the heads at the botton are distracting me, maybe the building is too gray.

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    12. tiseb 116 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys for pointing out what is wrong with this pic, I really appreciate it :-D

      Here are two alternatives: the first one is a slightly cropped and color-altered version of the same shot.

      The second alternative is based on a suggestion by Mr. Mark. Sadly, the boy was no longer waving his hand when I shot him...

      Which one do you like best? ;-)

    13. bunuelscot [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      I would crop even closer


    14. timtimtimtimtim 116 months ago | reply

      neither. if the stupid kid wasn't in it with his stupid jacket it might begin to be something.

    15. tiseb 116 months ago | reply

      timtimtimtimtim you got me ROFL :-))))

    16. s8 116 months ago | reply

      i like heads in the shot, but i don't like big boy and small pope. this shot would've been much better with at least 100mm lens to flatten the perspective

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    17. tiseb 116 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the advice s8!

    18. tiseb 113 months ago | reply

      I just found out that this photo has been selected as one of the 500 most interesting of June 1st:

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