BunnyJam 2010
The DISH Collective presents....
Bunny Bunny Glam Jam 100th Jambilee
Space Bunnies vs. The Bun-dead!

In 2010 Bunny Jam turned 100 and was pronounced dead and/or lost in space.

The Lapinzonia Space Colony has collided with the Zombunny Disco Parlor & Rabbatoir and a massive Easter Basketroid is headed straight towards planet Earth!!! Those who refuse to die are becoming Zombunnies, while others survive to merge with technology and wear shiny lamé pantsuits. For one night only, two worlds collide and the survival of Bunkind depends on U!

Saturday, Easter Eve, April 3, 2010 – 8pm till 4am
at 550 Barneveld Ave, at Oakdale in San Francisco
$15 full-bunny; $20 sum-bunny; $25 no-bunny
21 and over, Full Bar with Bunny Berry Bop Drink Specials
Indoors & Out!; Easy parking

Art PerFURmances Projections Furiginal Bunny Music Hopping!!!
The 10th Annual FURshion Show Bunnification Station Dr. Wabbitkiss Lady Hassenfeffer of Carotene Court & The Sugar Plum Bunnies Planet Bunny Fuzzpod Bunderland Gardens Carrot’s Hoppy Zombeem Rickety Rocket’s Hoppety HOPstacle Course Ether Bunny’s Kwisp Fou Fou Hare! HARE Apparent projections Fur Arts Collective Bunny Robot Super Friends The Purple Cabbage Experience 10 years of BJ Flier Art And more fun than a barrel of zombunnies on supercharged electro-carrots in a topsy turvy Easter Disco Ball Particle Accelerator!!!

Featuring work by the Bay Area’s finest bunnerific artists, including:
Black Light Bunny Belinda The Bunny Bison Bunny Bunny Jo Delachaux Lapin Dex Stakker Rabbit Dr. Fur Boing! Dragn’Bunny Dr. Frankenpeep Furtographer DJ Helgabunny HistErica Hissy Hare Hot Damn Bunny Jason Cottontail Jon Fur Ran Karrot Lewis Kharmabunny Little Bunny Zach Little Rabbit M’Bunny Mein HARE! Mosbunny NeonBunny Nemashahare Puddle Rabbit Rabbit Rayce Run Rabbit Harebert Sandwich Bunny Scotty The Blue Bunny Shimmerbunny & Kit Nadine Skibit Spoonish Bunny Starbunny Sugarbunni Super Space Bunny Tangly Whabbits Mr Bunny Chainsaw! & Many Bunny MORE!

portion of the proceeds will go to Save-A-Bunny, the Billion Bunny March, and other local arts groups.
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