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The Shannon Estuary,Ireland.
The Wild Atlantic Way.
Counties Limerick,Clare and Kerry.
Fantastic Scenery,Excellent for Birdwatching and plenty of Fresh Air.
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Ringmoylan Pier,Co.Limerick.Storm Henry surges through the Shannon Estuary


35 photos, 6 videos

Ringmoylan Pallaskenry,Birds in Flight.Nov.2015


9 photos

Foynes Wood,Foynes,Co.Limerick.


14 photos, 5 videos

Curlew and Egret,Glin.Co.Limerick.

Curlew and...

1 photo

Labasheeda ,Co.Clare.The Shannon Estuary.

Labasheeda ,Co.Clare.The.. .

1 photo, 1 video

Carrig Island Napoleonic Battery Fortress,Ballylongford,Co.Kerry.

Carrig Island Napoleonic...

18 photos, 2 videos



2 photos

Tarbert Power Station,Co.Kerry & Moneypoint ,Co.Clare.

Tarbert Power...

2 photos

Knockpatrick Graveyard,Foynes Port & Aughnish.Co.Limerick.


1 photo

Limerick Port /Shannon Estuary. Mekhanik Yartsev & Avalon en route to Port from Coonagh Point.

Limerick Port /Shannon...

25 photos, 1 video

Moneypoint,The Shannon Estuary.

Moneypoint,The Shannon...

3 photos, 1 video

Killimer County Clare, A view of Tarbert in Kerry.

Killimer County Clare, A...

3 photos, 1 video

Knock ,County Clare. Ireland

Knock ,County Clare. Ireland

2 photos, 1 video

Kilkee ,Co.Clare,Ireland.

Kilkee ,Co.Clare,Irela nd.

12 photos, 1 video

Kilbaha Co Clare,Ireland.Wild Atlantic Way.

Kilbaha Co...

1 photo

Beagh Castle,Ballysteen,Co.Limerick.


6 photos

Beagh Castle ,Ballysteen,Co.Limerick ....Sunset on the Shannon Estuary.

Beagh Castle...

6 photos

Coonagh Nature Reserve,Limerick. 04/12/2013.

Coonagh Nature...

23 photos

Ringmoylan Pier,Pallaskenry,Co.Limerick.


16 photos