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Arianna Huffington, age 24 | by Tiny Banquet Committee
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Arianna Huffington, age 24

(then known as Arianna Stassinopoulos)


The photo is a scan from Viva magazine, August 1974, in which she was interviewed about her views on "the women's lib movement." She'd recently published a book, The Female Woman, which the magazine described as follows (emphasis theirs):


"Her concept of the 'female woman' is of a person who combines feminity, intelligence, and independence, but without friction and without self-consciousness. She doesn't believe that a militant attack on either the system or men is relevant to producing such a woman, and she proposes that women be less shrill and more quietly determined to have careers (if they want them) as well as children (if they want them). She feels strongly that women may be missing something if they don't have a career or some meaningful involvement outside the home, but she is certain that they are missing the whole point of their lives if they boycott motherhood."

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Uploaded on June 28, 2008