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Hair Club for Barbie | by dollyhaul
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Hair Club for Barbie

I can reroot eyelashes, so I'll be doing those myself :-)


1st batch of reroot candidates: (TOP ROW, L to R) [1] blonde Fluff would like rerooted to resemble Tiff since I already have a better Fluff; [2] vintage tan tone Skipper I would like rerooted with traditional Skipper hairstyle in lemon blonde; [3] bald MOD barbie with a center part and missing rooted lashes - undecided on what hair color and style would look best - maybe similar to Skipper with color magic red hair? [4] quick curl barbie - also undecided on what hair color and style (she has no rooted lashes); [5] Malibu Barbie - I would like to have redone with dark hair and eyelashes similar to Stacey; [6] PJ - I would like to have her eyelashes removed and filled and painted over and her hair rerooted and set like a pink Skinned Midge (not sure if older Midge or Bend Leg Midge style yet) - haven't decided on hair color yet, either.

(BOTTOM ROW, L to R) [1-2] Pair of Quick Curl Skipper Heads that I want rerooted to look like TNT Skippers, so they will need traditional Skipper reroot - one as a brownette and one as a redhead; [3] behind them is a quick curl with no rooted lashes. I want her to be rerooted as a brunette with traditional Skipper hair style so that I can have her repainted as a Japanese Skipper. I like that the Quick Curls retain their peach skin tone, so I'm hoping she will look good redone as a Japanese Skip! [4] "The Now Look" Ken that has a squishy rather than a terribly hard head, making him a great reroot candidate. His original hair is a nice color but really dry and uneven. I'd like to see what he looks like with really long hair in the same color, parted in the same place; [5] Pink Skinned Malibu that is sadly bald. She was a blonde, but I'd like her redone as one of the darker headed ones - same style/color as the original non-blondes (or it could be fun to give her a fantasy color, or redo her as a Stacey since all my Stacey dolls have discolored Skin...except for my repro); [6] I don't know the name of this doll, but I rebodied the head onto one identical to the European Malibu sitting next to her. She has blue eyes and no rooted lashes. Her hair is FRIED!! She would look good with hair similar to the European Partytime Barbie with Steffie Face, or maybe a raven haired flip like Walk Lively Steffie or maybe very light blonde in the style of Free Moving PJ; [7] Black Barbie - I love the one with the braids in the Home for the Holidays photo; [8] Julia reroot that I would like done over with some other kind of hairstyle in "oxidized Julia" hair color...or maybe with really long black hair; [9] Grace Kelly - I would LOVE to have her rerooted as a redhead!


(NOT PICTURED) Malibu Skipper that I want to have rerooted with dark hair rather than blonde so that she will resemble a Sun Sun Malibu Skipper. I'll give her rooted eyelashes, too.

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Taken on August 24, 2013