• Tab that slides into the flash hotshoe
  • One box made 4 scoops. The best angle to cut the side tabs is 45 degrees, by the way, so the mirror is angled 45 degrees to the flash light source and bounces a little behind you into the ceiling. This avoids shadows in the eye sockets as they would appear if bouncing directly into the ceiling above the model.
  • Tab slides into the flash hotshoe. Popup flash can be popped up and down while the gadget is on, if you're careful.
  • Mhh, delicious...
  • Secure with paper clips
  • When putting it on, always make sure to rest it on top of the "logo bump". If you try to put it on such that the logo is covered, the angle is wrong and direct, ugly flash is directed into half of your frame and is not bounced to the ceiling (thus no softening of the light, either), resulting in a kind of split image, one half way too dark and the other upper half way too bright and harsh. Only bounced, soft light should reach the frame; angling the bouncer right by resting it atop the logo bump ensures all the light is directed away, softened and bounced back.

New: now with template! foldable recycled mirror popup flash bouncer

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Update: I added a pdf template you can print out to recreate this, even without the box (although you'll be missing out on the treat) if you line the thing yourself with some foil!
A commenter suggested using a milk carton, which at least where I live (and he) are tetrapak-like and lined with shiny silver foil.

A4 format: popup flash bouncer A4 pdf

Letter format: popup flash bouncer letter format pdf

I recently had some delectable snacks "Schaumküsse". They were in a nice cardboard box with a mirrored silver lining (haha!).
This gave me an idea - I had to use it as a lighting accessory! After a bit of cutting, scoring and folding, and a few paper clips, I came up with this foldable lightscoop-clone.

It bounces the popup flash onto the ceiling or, if the camera is held in portrait orientation, the wall. See next photo for the kinds of pictures it takes... I think it may be more efficient than the original lightscoop, since it has mirrored surfaces all around, not only at the front.

Original product: www.lightscoop.com/ (includes some instructions on use that also apply to the diy version)
Instructable I modified: www.instructables.com/id/Fifty-cent-flash-bounce/

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  1. synthetic_meat 47 months ago | reply

    Note: The photos above, of the scoop itself, were also made with an identical version of the scoop placed on another camera.
    Test shot using the new scoop:

  2. saunamonster 47 months ago | reply

    Great idea =)

  3. ~wishiwasanotter~ 47 months ago | reply

    it looks at first glance like the light would be directed upwards and away from the subject, but your results say otherwise. Nice little gadget.

  4. Ed_X 46 months ago | reply

    Nice project. May try this.

    SchaumKüsse for the longest time were called 'Negerzoenen' in the Netherlands, until that suddenly was not PC anymore ;-) Not sure if they come in a similar box. I may need to find something else.

  5. synthetic_meat 46 months ago | reply

    Thanks :).
    Yes, they used to be called "Negerküsse" (negro kisses) or even "Mohrenköpfe" (moor's heads) in Germany as well, and I'm pretty sure most people still call them that at home, but for printing on the package it's not PC enough :). They could very well come in a similar box in the Netherlands, if they are as fragile and heat-sensitive as they are here (foamy with a very thin chocolate coat).

  6. Ed_X 46 months ago | reply

    Yes they are the same ones. I would not even be sure what their PC name is in Holland. I still call them "Negerzoenen". (I just checked, they are called "Buys'Zoenen", I have no idea who Buys is)

    'Moorkop' is dutch voor a specific cream filled pastry with chocolate covering.

    Anyway, I will try this. If It is a different box, then I just use a widely available chocolate box that has the same material

  7. Faugn 43 months ago | reply

    one could also decorate the outside of the lightscoop if they wanted to also! Oh these are great ideas :D
    www.diyphotography.net/use-a-bonbon-box-to-create-a-diy-l... ( ?² )

  8. synthetic_meat 38 months ago | reply

    @Faugn: exactly, I imagine black tape could work well to make it look more professional. I also used black paper successfully when I gave one away as a gift. Or use a colorful decoration for more fun. I may do this.

  9. acunnane 38 months ago | reply

    Excellent idea - no more washed-out shots with direct flash. Many thanks!

  10. synthetic_meat 38 months ago | reply

    Added a comparison shot:

  11. Carolyn Blakeney 28 months ago | reply

    Great idea! I'm going to try this with mirror card stock, as very few products in the U.S. come in boxes with shiny interiors.

  12. Frer Tuff 26 months ago | reply

    Very nice indeed. May try it on my E-PM1 with the kit flash

  13. imani1029 17 months ago | reply

    This worked really well. I used a granola bar box and glued aluminum foil to it.

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