• dalai lama getting ready to iChat with Steve Jobs

Dalai Lama using a Mac

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dalai lama getting ready to iChat with Steve Jobs

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  1. killerhappy ages ago | reply

    Cool! The Dalai Lama is a MacUser. Rocks!!!

  2. wallricha ages ago | reply

    big hitter the lama

  3. licio ages ago | reply

    Dalai Lama hightech :P

  4. Wonderlane ages ago | reply

    This photo would be even cooler if the Buddha's head was not cut off... still its remarkable.

  5. guanmu.name ages ago | reply

    Dalai Lama,
    Stop lying, tell people the truth please.

  6. tenphunpal ages ago | reply

    I also saw some mac air book in mind and life confedence, But, i did not saw his holiness Dalai lama have one, but, he is intesting on technologic and science, Also he is great helpful teacher and always saying four noble truth, NOT LYING for anyway.

  7. kaipjaustis FREE TIBET!!! ages ago | reply

    funny picture :)

    kickerclub.com: stop spreading you nonsense chinese propaganda, it's too obvious you're brainwashed

  8. no direction ages ago | reply

    Mac is made in China you jerk

  9. no direction ages ago | reply

    There're a lot more propaganda against Chinese people from you Chinese haters.

  10. A. Kowalik ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Religions - freedom of religion, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  11. tenphunpal ages ago | reply

    There is no different where it made and where who born. And all chinese is not bad and crul. But, bejing gov, is so shame less and awful.

  12. Wonderlane 118 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Spiritual Rock Stars, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  13. alive books [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

    I'm a Tibetan and as a Tibetan We will never stop exposing Chinese Governments LIES !

    China in Tibet: Forty Years(now 50+ yrs) of Liberation or Occupation?

    China’s Favorite Propaganda on Tibet
    …and Why It’s Wrong

    How China is Plundering the Natural Resources of Tibet

    Tibet: Her Pain, My Shame

    First Time I Feel Ashamed to be Han, and Lucky to Not Be a Party Member

    Beijing: Everything is fine in Tibet, but you can't go there



  14. Elton Disney 104 months ago | reply

    He is cool with Mac.

  15. mosesofmason 104 months ago | reply

    It's funny and cool :-D

  16. Tian cao 104 months ago | reply

    Dalai Lama using a Mac

  17. NYCandre 99 months ago | reply

    One of his assistants, Matthieu Ricard I know was using a PC laptop a few years back .. for them it does not matter at all which instrument they use - the easiest of non-attachments to cultivate...

  18. HYAKUNEKO 85 months ago | reply

    Because Mac-OS has TibetanIME.

  19. 兿午 73 months ago | reply

    Cultural differences hinder you in-depth understanding of Chinese history, the more I hope that you can seriously read through the understanding of China's history, If your Chinese is good enough.And I hope you experience to go to Tibet to walk, rather than rely on your ears to listen to the "democratic" atmosphere.I think the Chinese government that will not put you to block the door in your home without letting you set foot on Tibetan inch of soil.

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