Plompton Rocks

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    1. Simon.Harrison 31 months ago | reply

      Great light framed by those trees. I can't see any rocks though? ;)

    2. Raúl G. Huergo 31 months ago | reply

      That's Really nice picture!

    3. Infinite Monkey2011 31 months ago | reply

      Very nicely exposed. Excellent capture of great dynamics of light.

    4. John Dominick 31 months ago | reply

      Quite a mysterious image, light from dark, the framing seeming to emphasise the feeling. Reminds me of stories of the ancient wild wood.

    5. DavidO'Brien 31 months ago | reply

      Very nice assuming this was colour neg?

    6. Tim Parkin 31 months ago | reply

      Certainly was - the usual Portra 160

    7. Rumbo181 31 months ago | reply

      This picture calls my attention.

    8. Issa Farhoud 31 months ago | reply

      Comes to life when seen on black and full screen. Excellent tonalities and depth through out.

    9. milouvision 31 months ago | reply

      It's like the secret pond in A Room With a View. Handsome work.

    10. • Paul Morton 31 months ago | reply

      Very nice indeed Tim. For a scene like would you meter for the highlights and leave the shadows to sort themselves out, I see the blacks are very black in this shot.

    11. Tim Parkin 31 months ago | reply

      Hi Paul - there was lots of detail in the shadows here but I've chosen to make them pretty dark. I metered for the shadows here and placed them at -2 stops.

    12. jon9600 31 months ago | reply

      Looks much better big on black :)

    13. ScottAMurray 31 months ago | reply

      The dark reflections on the pond/puddle really make the image for me.
      Love the contrast between the dark foreground and the brilliant lighting
      in the background as well.

      I love the scenes that can be found by wandering through forests.

    14. Mari Anne Werier 31 months ago | reply

      A beautiful play of light and shadow. I love the central twisting tree.

    15. haveono 30 months ago | reply

      Nice Shot!

    16. ZoeEnPhos 30 months ago | reply

      Lovely warm high-lights and beautiful shadows and reflexions in the water and the trees are astonishingly huge and old!
      Wonderful forest/wood interior in very high class and well balanced in this composition!
      //All the Best!

    17. paulwhiting 29 months ago | reply

      Good One - I like the scale and perspective here - feels slightly claustrophobic

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