Michael Jackson Show, Zsa Zsa Gallery
Zsa Zsa
962 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 1G9

The Michael Jackson Project
Curated by Andrew Harwood and Lex Vaughn

August 16 - 29, 2003
Reception Friday August 29, 2003, 8 pm - 11 pm
Sat & Sun 1 - 5 pm or by appointment

With works by:

John McLachlin, Rob Weir, Sandra Brewster, Michael Comeau & Tara Azzopurdi, Rebecca Levi, Gillian Bell, Keith Cole, Trixie & Beever, P Gratland, Amy Bowles, Jeremy Laing, Katie Behtune-Leaman, Luis Jacob, Will Munro, Fastwurms, Justus Zela, John Caffery & Lex Vayghn, Ryan Mitchell, Heather Haynes, Lorraine Hewitt, Michael Caines, Alex McLelland, RM Vaughan, Cecilia Berkovic, Daryl Vocat, Joel Gibb, Karen Azoulay, Paul P, Pete Smithh & Otino Corso, Pete Dako, Julie Voyce, Leif Harmsen, Stacey Hector, Steve Reinke, Mark Ciale, Kate Munro, Paul Petro, Andrew J. Paterson, Andrew Harwood, Philip Monk & Louise Bak, Laura Cowell, Natalie Wood, Scott McEwan, David Hawe, Patrick DeCoste, Jinhan Ko, Timmy Comeau, Katharine Mulherin & more...!

Whether you like him, loathe him, or simply don't care, MJ has had more of a profound and lasting effect on pop culture than any other artist in the 20th century. He has transcended sexuality, race, religion, class, family, gender, human form and the law; all in the eyes of the public. As a cutltural icon, MJ is more well recognized than Jesus (and Madonna....fight it all you want). His massive publicity campaigns and sideshow freakery have rooted themselves in the collective consciousness, illiciting responses of unadulterated joy and awe, in some (how can one man be so "talented"?) and in others uncontrollable waves of creepiness (how can anyone be so "perverted"?).

We've asked over 35 artists to show how Michael has nested himself in their lives. These feelings/experiences will be translated about this shapeshifter, manipulator, molester, millionaire, mystic, victim and alchemist for your viewing pleasure as we are, in part, responsible for his construction and reconstruction. We have demanded, as voyeurs and consumers, that he constantly change and which he has done so, very well; revolutions of style for capital and for fan love. His celebrity shields him from any sort of prosecution, but not speculation, to which he reacts as "Super Victim", getting the public to constatnly re-asses our relationship with the star. This highly public process always includes us as consumers of his whacky products of antics, explanations, and testimonials. Despite his flaws and foibles, idiocy and insanity, we still heart MJ. How can you not?

Andrew Harwood & Lex Vaughn 2003
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