Finn vs The Lich

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    Finn the Human faces his most dangerous fight yet as he takes on the deadly Lich. Also Jake eats a sandwich.

    This build was created for the March 2017 issue of Blocks Magazine.

    Interesting inside story: my series of Adventure Time builds were actually started before I was brought on to build AT-stuff for Blocks Magazine. I had actually intended to make my Brickworld 2017 Layout essentially Cartoon Network: Heroes vs Villains. It would have consisted of three parts: Finn vs Lich, the Powerpuff Girls (via Lego Dimensions figures...which have still not been released which would have screwed up the layout anyways) vs Mojo Jojo, and finally Samurai Jack vs Aku--that one I actually started building, which is why my Lego collection now consists of a ton of orange bricks. But in the end it was mostly the Samurai Jack build (which later became a standalone build) that just wasn't much fun in terms of construction, so I scrapped it. The Lich however was actually built some eight or nine months ago, and was then incorporated into the Blocks spread.

    Also of note is the green Well of Souls here, which was actually the first time I used the technique--I would later go on to use it (less successfully in my opinion) for my ACE chemical plant.

    The Lich figure will be on public display at Brickworld Chicago 2017.

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    1. Ultron32 25 months ago | reply

      Beautiful. The Lich is one of my favorite character designs in animation.

    2. Razzle Jazzle 25 months ago | reply

      Awesome! I was working on a Lich, but yours is way cooler. A small detail I love is how the Lich’s torso looks like it’s rising from the ground.

    3. imagination DUCK 25 months ago | reply

      This is so beautiful, a fitting homage to a cartoon I hold in such high esteem. This is so damn wonderful I can't really convey that in plain old clumsy words! Also the snail is the icing on the cake, well done.

    4. cadbane298 25 months ago | reply

      In love right now

    5. Ʌce Bricks 25 months ago | reply

      Ooh man! That is so intersting and original scene, that Lich, I really like him (or her). Cape must be hard to connect to figure and connect too manny capes. Next think what I like is your acid technique, you just have to do in future break down! But I also cant understant where did you find Finns head (helmet is probably from minifigures) and helmet yellow guy eating sendwitch.

    6. A Plastic Infinity 25 months ago | reply

      I keep coming back to this because so much of it is perfectly done. The only thing that seems off is the Lich's skin tone. I figure you were probably trying to recreate the effect of the biased lighting in this scene, but sand blue just doesn't seem to fit as well as light bley might have. That's a minor quibble anyhow, you really did this justice in every other way. :D

    7. Xenomurphy 25 months ago | reply

      What else shall I say, Tim. Well done ... very well done.

    8. sebilden 25 months ago | reply

      This photo deserves the GOLD AWARD!
      An award from LEGO without limits!

    9. theduggo 25 months ago | reply

      WOW! Brilliant work on the Lich, and also that crazy pool.

    10. JLM Bricks 25 months ago | reply

      Absolutely amazing!

    11. Girmanator 24 months ago | reply

      I'm melting with jealousy. Love everything about this and your other builds. Continue the Adventure Time theme, it's great!

    12. cameron_carter3 24 months ago | reply

      My man, what camera app do you use? I have an iPhone 6, and I in no way can get a photo to look this good even with light box/great lighting.

    13. Keith Goldman 23 months ago | reply

      Do you have any WIP shots of the Samurai Jack model? I was saddened to read you scrapped that one. There are so few good Jack models out there and I would have loved to see your no doubt ingenious take on it.

    14. Tim Lydy 23 months ago | reply

      Keith Goldman Unfortunately no, it's something I'm considering as a possible future project to continue...what with buying all that orange and nice dark red armor! So it may show up eventually...

      It did however have a running feature like that of my recent Scooby-Doo model, in that it would have featured some twenty minifig horses galloping in a wave like fashion. All the buildings were 2-dimensional in nature and were to be layered so as to create the perception of depth. Large wheels and circular builds were to be geared to create a rolling smoke like affect. And of course then a big Aku would have been included. Largely it was based on the episode: "The Birth of Evil, Part 2", substituting Jack's father for the samurai himself.

    15. Hartland Bricks 23 months ago | reply

      This is just great. Plenty of humor and detail to keep me coming back to look at it again!

    16. Keith Goldman 23 months ago | reply

      Tim Lydy Ah...too bad, that sounded promising but as you say, hopefully it will show up eveentually in one form or another. Your Scooby model was of course, exceptional, and your whole layout looked very entertaining.

    17. Lord Of Chicken Tenders 23 months ago | reply

      Dude this is amazing!

    18. franksgambati 22 months ago | reply

      that is soooooooooooooooooo awesome

    19. cello_redivo 21 months ago | reply

      So amazing man

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