Dr S. Datta

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    You should never miss a photo opportunity... even when you’re visiting the doctor. I’ve taken to bringing my camera almost everywhere I go lately. At times it’s quite cumbersome, but when that photo op arises, you’re glad you brought it. I probably should invest in a little point and shoot camera like my old Powershot S30 that some inconsiderate little bugger decided to steal along with my laptop last April. They are a bit easier to lug around than the big SLR.

    Anyhow, thanks to Dr Datta for being ‘patient’ for the camera.

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    1. Reinar 107 months ago | reply

      nice once homes... love the character sketches.

    2. Zaphod Beeblebrox 107 months ago | reply

      Oh good one!! My favourite type of portrait!!

    3. jodes i am 107 months ago | reply

      great portrait.

    4. sillykitty 107 months ago | reply

      Great portrait, Tim.

    5. aggleton 107 months ago | reply

      Nice portrait! I hope you were only visiting for a check up and that all is well. :)

    6. GoodGriefSS 107 months ago | reply

      not sure you'd be able to get a shot like this with a point and shoot. in my opinion - on the basis of this shot - it's worth the effort.

    7. wellingtondany 107 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot! Will your Dr mind being 'outed' on Flickr? ;o)

    8. timijimi 107 months ago | reply

      Cheers all! Everything is cool - just a check up. :)

    9. Big Gig Photography 107 months ago | reply

      Brilliant!!!!!! You have a kick arse doc Tim for letting you take this pic. And its such a good one too.

    10. !Gone! [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

      Nice doco type shot Tim

    11. Hilary jane 107 months ago | reply

      Great shot, don't see too many doctors offices like this these days, with all the books etc, most just use their comp for everything. He looks nice. Stay well!

    12. aumbody images 107 months ago | reply

      Great portrait. Nice doc to keep a tissue box handy for the patient lest he has to deliver bad news!

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