2011-10-02 Aspen Phenome Project site visit and hike
On Sunday I headed up to to the top Big Cottonwood Canyon. Drs Jon Seger and Polly Wiessner from the University of Utah. Jon is developing a great citizen science project called the Aspen Phenome project. Since aspens are clonal, its generally believed that the variation you see in aspen fall colors on the landscape can be used to identify clonal groups of tree. The goal of the phenome project is to get school kids involved in sequencing groups of trees around Silver Lake near Brighton Ski area. The area is small enough to that students could potentially sequence nearly every Aspen and build a very detail map of their interrelationships while learning about the environment and modern sequencing techniques. Really a great concept and a perfect site to implement it.

TimeScience is working with the Phenome Project to develop protocols for long time-series photo documentation of the field site, a potential webcam and other timelapse installations and gigapixel photography.

1.3 gigapixel panorama of the proposed field site at Silver Lake: gigapan.org/gigapans/88970/
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