DIY dc battery coupler for a Canon Powershot
I needed to run my Canon Powershot SD1000 IS on external battery power. As far as I can tell there is no way to just by the battery coupler itself so you have to buy the whole ACK-DC10 AC power adapter which at $30-40 is a total rip-off. It is also a big waste of resources since I'd just have to cut the cord off and use the 5-cent battery coupler that came with it.

Since the battery couple is just a piece of plastic with little +/- leads that connect to the cameras power input I decided to see if I could build one out of plexiglass.

It was easier than I thought it would be and it seems to work great.

Looks kind of ghetto but it is functional and the only piece that cost anything was the $15 DC converter I used to bring the 12v input power down to 3.7v for the camera.

The second set of photos is the 2nd adapter I made, this one for an SD950 IS. The NB-5L battery for the SD950 is too thick to use 1/4" plexi so I used wood instead. The wood is a lot easier to work with but it doesn't look as snazzy altohugh I suppose I could paint it.
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