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2014 - Vancouver - Went to Sleep with 2 Red Pumps, Woke up with 1 | by Ted's photos - Returns late November
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2014 - Vancouver - Went to Sleep with 2 Red Pumps, Woke up with 1

A typical downtown east side (DTES) Vancouver BC scene.

Often, as in this case, set up in front of a Government building.


These locations add a measure of protection against eviction as authorities are loath to move on the squatters for fear of being dragged into court by the do-gooder groups (poverty pimps) and their lawyers.

I have lived adjacent to the DTES for 20 years and in that time little has changed to correct the purveyors of drugs, drug users (many who have mental issues) and prostitution. Over several decades governments have built a community of "customers with no cash". It has been politically easy for them to zone the area for subsidized housing with little opposition from residents who have little political clout. As a result businesses find it difficult to set up shop and make a living.

There is a "cottage" industry of groups both private and government in the area to assist the homeless find shelter. It is to the point where any attempt to add market housing to the area (customers with cash) are fought vehemently. Reports are there is $1,000,000 spent daily in this community with no visible effect. Some streets in the area I will not walk down and I avoid the entire area late at night.


The above in my opinion only.


Regardless of all the issues in the area, it is still a gem for its history and fine examples of early Vancouver architecture and I visit the area daily, shopping for produce in Chinatown.


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20 April 2016


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Hi Ted,


Great pictures! I'm updating Wikipedia's article on the Downtown Eastside, and I came across one of your pictures that I think would be a great addition to the article:


I would like to upload it to Wikipedia, however Wikipedia requires that all its images be shareable for commercial use. Wikipedia is non-commercial, however its content is scraped by commercial sites such as Google. Would you consider changing the Creative Commons licensing for this photo so that it allows commercial use?


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Taken on June 11, 2014