Taking out the trash

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    1. anideg 111 months ago | reply

      confusing mix ... it is like a costume party : ))

    2. *CA* 111 months ago | reply

      Oh, I love this. Perfect timing! Cool new logo.

    3. sylvia@intrigue 111 months ago | reply

      Oh wow. Awesome collection.

      The icon change is intriguing, I thought I'd ended up somewhere else! Glad Rita confirmed :)

    4. Leo Wery 111 months ago | reply

      Cool shot, imagine the inside of the brain there.

    5. a.long 111 months ago | reply

      oh my. I love the saints/statues series, but had been missing the quickening presence of flesh and blood in your pictures. the trash lady, given her scale, is an honorary member of her neighbor's menagerie. And she is a reminder that we are tiny parts of our own vast, human collection.

    6. LarryB 111 months ago | reply

      Holy cow! Poor Mary still manages to keep her composure in the midst of this riot. I wonder what the neighbor thinks.

      Did she ask you why you were taking pictures?

    7. colorstalker 111 months ago | reply

      Larry, She didn't ask. I was afraid to ask. I didn't know what to ask.

    8. cbonney 111 months ago | reply

      She's got everyone but Grumpy and Sneezy and Snow White.

    9. Mashuga 111 months ago | reply

      This is fab!!!!!!
      The artist you asked about is Mark Kostabi


      I like the new logo!

    10. glblanchard 111 months ago | reply

      Wonderful. I couldn't live with it, but it's great local color!

    11. Sylvia...Sometimes 111 months ago | reply

      Bejeebers, Tim...wake me up! ;-)

    12. eva8* 111 months ago | reply

      omg. lawn ornament overload. why do people do this?

    13. tsogy 111 months ago | reply

      this is hilarious

    14. virgorama 111 months ago | reply

      mixed messages or what? I love your new icon, it's the guy I met...

    15. benben 111 months ago | reply

      carroll gardens is such a trip

    16. Annie Madine 111 months ago | reply

      I like this one a lot. It reminds me of some lawns in my hometown.

    17. pieplate 111 months ago | reply

      GNAHHH! How can he tell??

    18. andrea z 111 months ago | reply

      I just don't know where to begin, but I love it!

    19. allysonmmurphy 110 months ago | reply

      I live on this block! I LOVE this yard!

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