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I would normally frown on anyone daring to use flash to shoot a live gig but on the weekend I found myself firing off a few shots at a concert with my flash turned on!!!

I've always thought that one of my local venues needed a bit of extra lighting, there is a huge dead spot in the middle of the stage where the spot lights miss - and generally thats where the lead singer is standing. So I set up a remote flash on top of the speaker stack to the right of stage and pointed it into the dead spot. The flash was controlled by the flash on top of my camera using the Nikon CLS system - the flash on the camera wasnt contributing to the exposure and was actually pointing away from the stage

I also put a blue gell on the flash so that it could counteract some of the intense red light from the spotties - and lets face it the last thing I want is white light destroying the ambience of the stage lighting. Bu thats just what I ended up getting - the gel wasn't blue enough and I'm not really happy with any of the shots.

Ironnically my favourite shot of the night is not of a performer but another photographer, Kevin Bull (The Lockup Garage) who is nicely backlit by the flash siting on the stack.

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Taken on July 18, 2009