Television TVDX
Long distance TV reception during the 1980's and early 1990's received on VHF and UHF from Stroud, Gloucestershire and later Bexhill and Hastings in East Sussex. A few of the photos were of tropospheric reception whilst on holiday in Menorca.

A range of TVs and equipment were used over the years including Multistandard sets, portables with modified IF bandpass filters and B and W sets with external tuners made by Roger Bunney. Aerials were all rotatable. A home brew 4 element WB for Band 1, a 12 element (Triax?) for Band 3 and two Triax BB Grids for UHF. Various tunable and wide band pre-amps were used.

Reception modes - Sporadic E (Es), F2, Meteor Scatter, Tropospheric, Aircraft Scatter and lightning scatter (until the storm got too near!!!)

Many more photos will be loaded here as I get time. Any comments or corrections would be welcome.

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