2006 Turkey Pro National
Photos taken at the 2006 Turkey Pro National at Al Hartman's. My R100/7 sidecar rig has developed electrical problems, so I drove up with Kate, Lydia, and Barb, and arrived AFTER the trophy presentation, damn it.

Your comments describing who's who are welcomed! In fact, begged for.

Highlights: seeing my colleague and Guzzi nut Erik Kraemer, who had driven down with his friends from Brooklyn, getting electrical advice from Bob Gross, checking out the yearly vat of Weenie Water Soup, and running in to Roland (who bought the Spare Parts Company from Fritz), and his badass 1971 Lancia Fulvia. Roland is going back over to France this Christmas, and he could pick up a nice little 2CV truck...

If you have pictures online, please let me know (john dot young at gmail dot com), and I'll be happy to link 'em from the www.turkeypronational.com website!
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