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Nerd Merit Badge Troop Crests we made for an Actual Girl Scout Troop! | by tikaro
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Nerd Merit Badge Troop Crests we made for an Actual Girl Scout Troop!


Here at Nerd Merit Badges, we make merit badges for nerds, in homage to boy- and girl-scout badges. We made one with a skull on it. Actual Girl Scouts from California thought that badge was awesome, asked us to make them one for their troop to use.


Life imitating art imitating life? Anyway, we are incredibly pleased to have done this, since thinking that these badges looked super-cool was the reason we got enthusiastic about making Nerd Merit Badges in the first place.



In 2009 and 2010, Randy and I made custom attendance badges for JSConf, a great Javascript developers' conference. JSConf 2010 had a pirate theme, so we got permission to put a skull from Skull-A-Day's Noah Scallin skull inside Javascript parentheses, and stitched the whole thing up with gold metallic thread. You can see them below -- we thought they looked GREAT, if we do say so ourselves.


Noah posted a picture of the badges on the Skull-A-Day Facebook group, where Melissa M., a leader of Girl Scout Troop 202 in California spotted them. Melissa thought they would be great for their troop's crest (more about troop crests here.) She asked us if we could make a golden skull troop crest.


We thought this was wonderful. So we carefully researched troop crests, ordered a few to get the size precisely correct, stitched them up, and here they are! I'm going to send them off Melissa now!


We are not planning to offer these in our store, though these would look SOO GOOD stuck to the back of an iPad, that I think we might have to make a special sash just to hold 'em. What do you guys think?

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Taken on May 6, 2010